What Is The PASS Code RED In Fire Safety And Is It Important?

In situations like fire, flood, or terrible weather cases, it is vital to receive an alert that informs people about it and suggests leaving the place ASAP. This type of service is known as Code RED.

In short, it is an alert that an emergency situation like the event of fire occurs in a building or place. That’s what the PASS Code RED is in fire safety. This is an emergency code that the staff uses to describe smoke or fire.

To know about it in a detailed way with its necessity, policy, and other info, stay till the end as I’ll explain these here. Let’s Learn About It Together!

What Is The PASS Code RED

Exactly What Is the PASS Code Red in Fire Safety?

To inform all workers about a fire situation, there’s a common phrase that is used, Code Red. It is typically an emergency code that notifies people using verbal sources. Like: vocal sounds, phone, text messages, email, and so on.


The Code RED in indicates a fire in a building, hall or facility (Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants etc). However, people also use this code to describe dangers like weather crises (like storms, wildfires, and so on ), floods, earthquakes, and so on.

In most cases, an emergency number is written on a frame or wall that guides folk to use it in urgent cases only. Then again, some folks use apps to get the same alert.

Using this alert, a specific group or community in a facility can get the message about an emergency without causing a panic situation. And then the facility members take pre-determined actions to secure the domain and its people.

Usually, the actions involve taking the people to safety with extreme caution and following established emergency protocols to ensure their well-being and minimize any potential risks or hazards.

Most of the large facilities choose a safe place to transfer people in case of emergency and until the declaration of “Code Red All Clear.” Code Red All Clear indicates the emergency situation is over, and people of the facility can go back to their regular duties.

Now, Let Me Explain Why the Code Red Is Important:

  • This will help you quickly send an emergency alert when you see a fire or smoke. Through this, people can start helping others to get out of the place ASAP.
  • It’ll let people respond to a PASS code red and control the situation inside or outside the affected area.
  • You can quickly make plans for dealing with critical situations by knowing the Code RED.

The Fire Safety Code Red in Hospitals and Its Usage!

It becomes vital for all folks (including you) to know about Code RED alert policy deeply. In hospitals, this code indicates a fire or smoke incident.


If anyone sees a small fire or smoke coming from a zone, it is recommended to do the given steps using the Code Red alert. Here’s the instruction:

  1. To begin with, use a phone or other devices to PASS a Code RED emergency message or scream Code Red to inform others in the building.
  2. Then, hit the fire alarm after breaking the glass. Or, call security and give them your name, room number, and other necessary information
  3. Next, do the REACT immediately when you hear the Code Red. For that, learn what REACT stands for. Be sure to remove all patients, guards, and other folks from the area.
  4. After that, use the extinguisher if the fire is small using the PASS method. If you are wondering what the PASS code is in fire safety, it is an acronym that informs the user of a fire extinguisher in the simplest way.
  5. Lastly, avoid using lifts to get out of the zone and try not to enter the same area unless it’s safe to attempt.

The Procedure of Fire Safety Code Red!

Based on the location, country rules, and other aspects, the procedure of code red will be different. To understand it better, I’ve given some instructions that you can do depending on the role:

Code Red Procedure for Visitors

After discovering a fire in the building, here’s what you should do as a visitor:

  • Stay calm and avoid panicking.
  • Get out of the fire zone immediately. Also, if you can, assist other people.
  • Informs other people in the nearby zone.
  • Activate the closest fire alarm by pulling the station.

If you hear the fire alarm, here’s what you should do:

  • Stay quiet.
  • Stay with the person you are meeting with.
  • Walk instead of running.

Code Red Procedure for Staff or Volunteer

  • Follow the R.A.C.E. actions.
  • Find the fire if the panel signals about a fire in the area.
  • If the fire is discovered nearby, remove people from the nearest fire door to a safe zone. Also, close the doors and windows if it seems safe. Plus, insert the RED tags on the door so that others know:
    • The red door tag UP indicates the room is empty.
    • The red door tag down indicates someone is in the room.
  • Stay near to the people and give the needed comfort measures.
  • If possible, bring the wheelchairs or needed stuff that helps disabled people to evacuate fast.

Code Red Procedure for Maintenance Staff

  • Find the fire.
  • Go near the fire zone and ensure to bring extra fire extinguishers.
  • Ensure that the Fire Department has been informed.
  • Keep up with the fire fighting works if it seems safe until the Fire Department arrives.
  • If the fire is not extinguished, confine the fire by closing the doors and windows in the area.
  • Ensure all the ventilating or blower gears are turned off.
  • Turn off the electrical gears in the fire area.
  • Help the Fire Department as required.
  • Once you hear ‘Code Red all clear’, ensure to restore the fire alarm system, sprinkler system, and other stuff.

Ending Note

Learning about the PASS code red is a requirement if you want to react fast in a critical fire incident. It not only informs you about the emergency case but also helps you take the necessary steps at the right time.

Hope you understand what is the PASS Code RED and its policy. Take care and stay safe!

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