Is Eucalyptus Wood Good To Burn in a fireplace? (Explained)

If you want to serve yourself a heat that no other wood can create without thinking anything, you must go to possess the eucalyptus wood as your heating supplement. Is eucalyptus wood good to burn? Undoubtedly, it is a superb wood for a fireplace and creates massive heat to warm up the person sitting next to the place.

Eucalyptus wood comes with a mild smoky fragrance, though several reports say it has a medicinal scent. It is today’s trendy firewood that people seek for their burning place. It has the prowess to serve a roomy home with enormous warmth. And, it is highly recommended for the mansion and large houses.

Is Eucalyptus Wood Good
 To Burn?

Here Is The Short Answer To Why Is Eucalyptus Wood Good For The Fireplace

As far as we are concerned about the best woods for a fireplace, we profoundly believe that eucalyptus wood can take place ideally. You can burn the wood for a prolonged period as the others include pecan, oak, walnut, cherry, etc. Nonetheless, you will perceive more heat than any of the woods, as mentioned above. 

Physical Characteristics Of  Eucalyptus Wood

Firewood TypeEucalyptus Wood.
Splitting DifficultyTougher than any other hardwoods.
Seasoning Time15 to 18 months
BTUs Per Cord34 to 35 Million BTUs from a cord.
Moisture ContentLow.
SmellMild sweet with medicinal notes.
Coal ProductivityExcellent
Ash ProductivityVery low.

Why Is Eucalyptus Supreme? 

After revising the table, we can understand the total qualities that eucalyptus wood preserves. However, let’s have a clear discussion about the facts mentioned earlier.

How Difficult Is It To Cut Eucalyptus?

Have you ever seen a wooden electric pole? That wooden pole is from a eucalyptus tree. It has robust power to hold and is unyielding when cutting the tree. Due to its strongholds, people usually stay away from this wood for furniture-producing purposes. 

We know how difficult it is to gash and shape a eucalyptus tree. Yet, our modern technology is enough to cut the whole tree down and shape it ideally to burn as firewood. 

In final words about the splitting difficulty, splitting with a conventional chopper is genuinely complex.

How Much Time Does Eucalyptus Take As Seasoning Time?

We talked about the difficulty of splitting, and indeed, seasoning also depends on this fact. The body of a eucalyptus tree has fewer pores than any other firewood tree. Therefore, it takes time to absolve the total liquid. 

If you maintain a conventional method with an excellent ventilation system, it will take around 15 to 18 months to release all the sap from the body. Moreover, you must keep the woods above the ground so they can’t touch and damp themselves with moisture from the floors.

Though the time is relatively high, two pieces of eucalyptus wood will serve the same as three pieces of oak. Hence, the eucalyptus wood is worthwhile. 

What Are The BTUs Of Eucalyptus?

Here comes the most vital discussion, the heat treatment. If we consider a red oak wood and burn it, it will serve you 24.6 million BTUs from a cord. But, while burning eucalyptus wood, you will perceive above 34 million BTUs. 

So, eucalyptus woods can warm up your large area consisting of a large family without facing any difficulties. Moreover, it is as durable as other hardwoods like oak, pecan, cherry, mesquite, etc. 

Sap And Smell Of Eucalyptus

The liquid content of the eucalyptus is very low. But, it takes longer to dry than any other wood. Since eucalyptus woods have fewer pores to ventilate the air, the fluids take this much time. Therefore the woods hold the scent of the liquid enormously. 

While burning the eucalyptus wood, you will find a mildly sweet fragrance similar to the incense. And burning woods will spread the scent within a concise while around the whole house. Few people stated that the smell is similar to medicine, and some said the scent also resembles chemicals to them. 

However, it is all about maturity and season. If you can detect a mature tree to shape it as firewood and provide those woods with adequate time during seasoning, it will only hold the sweet aroma of its liquid.

How Much Smoke Does Eucalyptus Create?

The eucalyptus wood is a top choice for the people who are dwelling in the mansion. It can produce massive heat, and it forms significantly less smoke. Usual ventilation or a chimney is enough to serve a clear path to the smoke.

Moreover, the color of smoke is quite more apparent than any other firewood. Finally, if you are looking for less smoky firewood, the eucalyptus is the one you can deploy to burn.

Coal And Ash Production Of Eucalyptus

According to various reports, the coal production of eucalyptus wood ranges from 60% to 70%. And this amount of coal is undoubtedly fruitful. You can also utilize coal for different purposes. As it is a hardwood, the output after burning will be coal.

The eucalyptus wood is famous for its less dust and ash production. The ash of the eucalyptus is similar to the other firewoods. Moreover, it is a solid hardwood, and hardwoods are less likely to produce ash. The ashes come from the skin of the woods. 

If you want an optimal level of coal, before you start burning the woods, detach the skins. Thus, you will perceive a massive amount of coal which can range from 70% to 85% of the total amount of wood.

Varieties Of Eucalyptus

There are plenty of types of eucalyptus trees. Yet, two of them are best for burning purposes. One alleged the red spot holder, and another is the sugar gum. Both of them are excellent firewoods. You can easily choose one of these. If you are afraid of the complexity, you can go for osage orange wood. It will serve you with the same level of heat.


The price of eucalyptus is relatively low. It will cost you around $150, whereas the amount of oak may cost you $190. Considering the other factors, the price of eucalyptus is relatively low.

people also ask (FAQ)

What happens when you burn eucalyptus?

The eucalyptus is an excellent choice for those who require optimum heat treatment for their roomy space. After burning the eucalyptus woods, you will find a pleasing fragrance and very low ash. Moreover, the coal in the woods will be high.

Is eucalyptus good for wood burners?

Absolutely, the eucalyptus wood is a highly recommended one. It will serve you massive heat and coal with a meager amount of ash. Moreover, it has a delightful mildly sweet scent. The only issue is it takes a few mins more than any other wood to start flaming.

Which wood is best for burning?

There are plenty of woods that are great for burning in the fireplace. Some of the most popular woods are pecan, cherry, oak, maple, etc. But, if you desire the best heat as output, you can burn almond, osage orange, eucalyptus, hickory, apple, and some others.

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Hopefully, now you know the answer to ‘is eucalyptus wood good to burn?‘ Yet, our final verdict is that if you purchase the eucalyptus firewoods, it is the finest choice. But, if you are cutting down from your backyard or a jungle, it can cost you a lot of time to turn it into firewood. So, choose wisely which one is worth it. 

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