Is Lavender Oil Flammable Or Not? (Explained)

When choosing a versatile essential oil, you might hear about lavender oil. This oil is one of the most common essential oils in aromatherapy. Most essential oils are flammable. So, you might be confused about the oil and its flammability.

Is Lavender Oil Flammable? Lavender oil is flammable. Generally, all essential oils are flammable. So, it also has high flammability. Moreover, it can cause high flame and fire hazards. Whenever this oil comes close to any fire source, it will catch fire.

We use oil from the lavender plant for different purposes. Sometimes, we burn essential oils to get the fragrance. But it would be best if you were careful about anything like this fluid. Because this oil is flammable and burning, it can cause emergencies. 

What is Lavender Oil?

What is Lavender Oil?

Lavender oil is extracted from the lavender plant. You might have seen the beautiful light purple-colored lavender plant. The oil is removed from the lavender flower spikes. Generally, the oil is extracted from the distillation of the flower extract.

This oil is widely used in different fields. For example, this oil can be used in aromatherapy, skin and hair care, pain relief, anxiety treatment, relaxation, etc. So, this oil is pretty standard among other essential oils.

Can Lavender Oil Catch on Fire?

Yes, oil from the lavender extract can catch on fire. Even it can make other things burn. This oil is one type of essential oil. You might know that essential oils have high flammability. So, this liquid can also catch on fire easily.

This oil needs a fire source to catch on fire. Even it needs a very low temperature to ignite. So, if this oil finds a fire source, it will catch on fire. The fire will spread through the area and burn the other things too. So, this oil can catch on fire if it gets enough heat.

At What Temperature Does Lavender Oil Ignite?

Lavender oil can ignite at 156 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is very low. So, the flashpoint of this oil is pretty low. The ignition can be easy for the oil if it gets this much temperature.

Most essential oils ignite at low temperatures. Because these oils have high flammability, even if you don’t seal the bottle of this oil, it can ignite with a heat source. Reaching 156 degrees Fahrenheit is not that difficult.

Sometimes, you need not burn the oil separately. If the oil reaches its flashpoint, the oil will ignite.

Is Lavender Oil a Fire Hazard?

Yes, lavender oil can be a fire hazard. Generally, if you can keep this oil safely in a tightly sealed bottle, the oil will not cause any problems. But once this oil catches on fire, it can become a fire hazard.

The flashpoint of the oil is low. So, this oil will burn quickly. Moreover, the fire flame will be high and can burn other things too. Even liquid like this oil can be a fire starter if it gets enough temperature.

Besides, when the fire is near this oil, the oil can make the fire worse and cause a hazardous situation.

What happens when you put Lavender Oil on fire?

If you put the oil of the lavender plant on fire, it can create a dangerous situation. This oil is one of the most flammable essential oils. So, when you put this oil on fire, it will increase the flame of the fire.

The oil will act as fuel to the fire. So, the fire will spread a long way. It will make other things burn too. So, you should never put it on fire.

Sometimes, you might want to use the oil to fuel the fire. But this oil can cause an explosion and make a hazardous situation. So, it would be best if you were careful about your safety.

How Do You Put Out a Lavender Oil Fire?

If you want to put out an oil fire, you can use a fire extinguisher. Sometimes, you might think of using water to put out the fire. But water doesn’t work well when the fire is caused by the oil.

You might know that oil and water don’t mix. So, if you pour water on an oil fire, it will not help to put out the fire. You can use foam or powder to put out the oil fire. Moreover, you can use carbon dioxide.

If the situation gets worse, you have to contact emergency help. Otherwise, this oil can spread the fire.

Is Lavender Oil Fire Resistant?

Is Lavender Oil Fire Resistant

No, lavender oil is not fire-resistant. Even this oil is considered highly flammable. Some oils might be fire-resistant. But this oil will not help to resist or prevent fire.

When this oil finds a heat source, it will ignite because this oil has a low flashpoint. This oil only needs 156 degrees Fahrenheit to catch on fire. So, there is no chance that it can be fire-resistant.

Is it OK to Leave a Lavender Oil without Sealing?

No, you should not leave lavender oil without sealing. Oils like an essential oil can ignite at a lower temperature. Sometimes, you don’t have to put on a fire. The oil will catch on fire when it gets to its flashpoint.

So, if you keep this oil without sealing and it gets the temperature of a flashpoint, the oil can catch on fire. So, the fire can spread without your concern. That’s why you should never leave it without sealing. Moreover, try to keep this oil in a cool place.

Can a Lavender Oil Explode on Fire?

Generally, this oil will not explode on fire when the temperature is not excessively high. But if this oil has already been on fire and receives a high temperature, it can explode. So, you should never put the oil directly on fire or keep it at a high temperature.

Is Polyurethane Safer to Use Than Lavender Oil When It Comes to Flammability?

Polyurethane is inherently fire-resistant and does not ignite easily. On the other hand, lavender oil has a low flash point, meaning it can easily catch fire and ignite. Hence, when it comes to flammability, polyurethane is a safer option to use than lavender oil.

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people also ask (FAQs)

Can Water Extinguish Lavender Oil Fire?

No, water can’t extinguish oil from lavender extract effectively. If you add water to put out an oil fire, water will not mix with oil. So, it will be difficult for water to extinguish the oil fire.

Otherwise, you can use carbon dioxide, foam, or powder to extinguish an oil fire.

Is lavender plant flammable?

Generally, the lavender plant is also flammable. You might have seen that the extracted oil is only flammable to the plant. But the lavender plant is more explosive than grasses and many other plants.

What is the most flammable essential oil?

Tree tea essential oil is the most flammable essential oil. Moreover, lavender oil is also highly flammable. The flammability of tree tea and other essential oil are pretty similar.

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