is willow wood good to burn in a fireplace? (answered)

If you are familiar with burning woods in your fireplace, you must know about the different types of woods which are available. There are varieties of woods all around the world. Every wood has its distinctive features. 

All the woods don’t burn equally or don’t serve similarly. Some woods are good to burn while others are not. They can even have other exclusive uses. 

Willow Wood is one kind of light wood. It is a softer hardwood. People sometimes classify willow wood as a medium hardwood. This wood has many different varieties.

It has a fast-growing feature and you can grow it very easily. Let’s find out the details about willow wood. 

is willow wood good to burn in a fireplace

Here Is the Brief Answer To Is Willow Wood Good To Burn?

Willow is one kind of lightweight hardwood. You can burn it but this wood is rated poor in case of burning. It has high moisture content.

Willow wood also creates too much smoke. Moreover, it has a huge amount of fiber in it. 

That’s why it produces less heat than most other woods. So, willow wood is not the best choice for burning in your fireplace, rather you should choose any other hot burning wood.

This wood can be used for different purposes but for burning in your fireplace, this can be the least effective choice. 

6 Characteristics Of Willow Wood 

Willow wood has its’ distinct characteristics. The burning pattern, weight, seasoning time, smell, the smoke creating pattern differs from other woods.

Let’s discuss this in-depth. 


Willow wood is a hardwood but it is softer than other hardwoods. It can be called lightweight hardwood or medium hardwood. 

The moisture content 

This wood holds moisture quite a lot more than hardwoods. It has medium moisture content. This is the reason this wood is not the best suitable option for burning in the fireplace. 

The density 

It has a 450 kg per cubic meter density. This feature differentiates willow wood from others. 

BTU of the wood

The British Thermal Unit (BTU) of this wood is 17.6 per cord. Here cord is the unit for measuring any dry volume of wood. 


The willow wood weighs 4320 lbs per cord while it’s green. 

Seasoning time 

After cutting the willow wood, you have to season it. Otherwise, it won’t burn as well as you can’t use it any other way. The seasoning time for this wood is 12 to 24 months. 

4 Types Of Willow Wood 

There are many varieties of willow wood. The most common types of willow include the Weeping Willow, the Coyote Willow, the Red Willow, the White Willow, the Japanese Pink Willow, etc. 

The Weeping Willow

The weeping willow is called the most beautiful and most common type of willow. It can be 30 to 50 feet long and grows in full sun areas. 

The Goat Willow

It is another kind of willow that is very delicate. It has many branches. It can be 20 to 50 feet long. 

The Coyote Willow

This distinct variety of willow has a bamboo-type look. It is about 13 to 30 feet tall. 

The White Willow

It has a similar look to a weeping willow. But it grows about 50 to 70 feet tall. 

Why Does Willow Wood Not Good For Burning? 

There are several reasons why willow wood is not good for burning.

  • Firstly, it has a low BTU rating compared to other hardwoods. This BTU rating indicates how much heat this wood can produce. So, the willow wood can not produce much heat. 
  • Moreover, it has high water content or moisture content. As a result, when you try to burn it, the water evaporates. This reduces heat production. 
  • This wood often creates too much smoke if you don’t split the wood or season it properly. That’s why willow wood is not good for burning in your fireplace.

After all, You should choose any other well-burning hardwood for your fireplace. 

5 Ways To Use Willow Wood 

As willow wood is not the perfect choice for burning, how can you make the best use of it? Will, there exists very simple and easy ways to use this wood efficiently. These include:

Make furniture of it

As the wood is a softer hardwood and it is relatively easy to make carves with the wood, so you can make furniture from it. 

Make a basket or hamper 

This wood can be used for making baskets or hamper of anything. Thus you can avoid plastic bags. 

Use it in whittling projects 

As this wood is very easy to use and light hardwood, you can use it for woodworking or whittling projects well. 

Make a cricket bat, violin, or guitar 

Willow wood is commonly used for making cricket bats, violin, or, guitar type of staff. 

Make the medicine from willow bark

It is a kind of tradition to make medicine from willow bark. Still, it is used for relieving pain. It can reduce headaches or other severe pains. 

Seasoning And Splitting Of The Willow Wood 

As we already know, it is very important to season the willow wood for any kind of use. You should season it for almost 2 years. Within two years, it gets properly seasoned. 

But there are some issues. Sometimes before getting seasoned, the wood gets rotten. Do you know why? Because this wood contains lots of moisture in it. When you cut down and leave it for seasoning, it starts to rot. 

That’s why you have to be familiar with the term ‘splitting’. You should split the wood so that it can dry out easily. In this process, you can stop rotting. 

Splitting this wood can be easy, even can be difficult too. It depends on the part which you are splitting. Proper splitting and seasoning of the wood can make it more usable and efficient. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Willow Wood 

You must be curious and confused about some facts related to willow wood. Let’s discuss some frequently asked questions with the answers. 

Is willow wood a hardwood or softwood? 

Willow Wood is a hardwood. But it’s a kind of soft hardwood or you can say light hardwood. It holds too much moisture than hardwoods usually do. 

Does willow wood create smoke? 

Yes, willow wood creates smoke. If you don’t season it properly and split it, it’ll create a lot of smoke while burning. Proper splitting and seasoning can reduce the smoke. 

Does willow wood smell good? 

Willow wood normally has a smell while burning. But the smell is most unpleasant to all. Some exceptions may occur. Some people don’t bother about the smell. 

How long does willow wood have to be seasoned? 

You should do the seasoning for about 12 to 24 months. It means almost 2 years it’ll take to properly season the willow wood. 

Is it good to burn willow wood in the indoor fireplace? 

Actually, this wood is not the best choice while burning. Specifically for an indoor fireplace, it is not a perfect choice as it’ll create smoke all around and people may not like the smell of it. 

Should you cut off or get rid of your willow tree? 

You should not remove your willow tree. The reason is, that you may not get the best result while burning it in your fireplace, but it has other uses. You can use the wood for various purposes. So it’s not trash. You can get the efficient side of it by using it wisely. 

Can you make a cricket bat from willow wood? 

Yes, you can consider this wood while making cricket bats or any other woody staff. This wood is lightweight and you can give it a perfect shape. So making a cricket bat from this wood is a great idea. 

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Final words

All the woods you see around work well for different purposes, likewise the willow wood. This wood has a distinct nature. 

Though it is not good for burning in your fireplace, it has various uses. For burning, there are other hardwoods and hot burning woods.

is Willow Wood good to burn? Not at all. Willow wood is not good enough to burn. So, use this wood in other areas like making furniture or other staffs. 

You can yet get the best out of this wood. Moreover, if you have enough patience, you can try splitting and seasoning it well and pairing it up with other hot-burning wood with proper maintenance.

Thus you can burn it. But it won’t be worth your time and energy.


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