Is Urine Flammable? Exploring the Combustibility of Human Waste

If, by any chance, you get lost in the woods, what are the prime things needed to turn on your survival mood?

Indisputably, it is a fire that can be the life-saving measure of that time!

Fire provides life-saving accompany from boiling water, cooking, providing light, heat, and defences against wild creatures. Incorporate things available in the surrounding for making a fire, even if you need to choose your pee for that.

But the thing is urine flammable?

No, urines are not flammable as 95% volume of them is content of water. The rest of the 5% consists of various other chemicals substances. Urine can be used in lighting fire by controlling the heat-carrying photons of the sunlight.

Let’s get to more details

Is urine or Pee flammable?

Urine is not flammable for several factors. This includes the combination of the substances that helps in forming urine. However, the main reason urine doesn’t catch on fire is the water content present in it. The things that don’t allow urine to catch on fire are:

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  • Urine contains various substances that include water, urea, uric acid, creatinine, sodium, chloride, potassium, and so on. Most of the substances present between them are not flammable, which makes urine anti-flammable.
  • The presence of water content in the urine is the number one reason behind urine not catching fire.
  • Although some substances present in the urine are flammable, their quantity is significantly less compared to water. As water doesn’t catch on fire, so urine doesn’t burn as well.

How do you start a fire with urine?

Urines are not flammable. But you might start to get a fire with the help of urine, but not in the way you are thinking. Urines cannot be directly used to make fires. If they are known into the fire, it will worsen the condition.

Starting a fire with urine is not a great idea, but it can save many lives in survival missions. When you are stuck in the woods and don’t have any proper instruments to create a fire, you can go for the urine. The ways through which you can start a fire with your urine are as follows:

  • All you need to start a fire is an empty bottle, urine, dry grass, and stones. The combination of a decent effort with all these components can yield your fire.
  • The prime factor in starting a fire with the help of urine is the sunlight. Therefore, the bottle of urine can be used as a magnifying glass to catch on fire.
  • The sun’s ray is filtered through the transparent liquids, which allow the heat-carrying photons to turn into a single hotspot. This hotspot helps to burn the dried grass, which gradually can turn into a large fire.

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What is the chemical reason behind urine catching fire?

There are several chemicals substances present in the urine that are flammable and violently catches on fire. Despite being their presence, the urine itself is not explosive as most urine forms from water. But suppose you consider avoiding the water from the urine. In that case, it can catch fire due to its persisting various chemical reasons, some of which are:

  • The presence of sodium chloride, which is chemically known as NaCl, ignites violently in water. It is flammable in the air, and it can cause the urine to catch on fire.
  • Potassium is also flammable, leading urine to ignite in the absence of the more excellent water content.
  • The ammonia present in urea is also responsible for urine catching fire.

Should you urinate towards fire?

Should you pee towards the fire or not depends on the kind of result you want from it. That is to say, urine being anti-flammable would not do much to the fire or cause it to ignite more. Instead, it will exaggerate a small fire and make it worse. So, the reasons whether you should urinate towards fire or not are:

  • To get rid of a small fire, you can urinate towards it so that the more extensive water content can smother the fire.
  • In case if you want to catch on fire, you shouldn’t be peeing at it. Although many of the chemicals inside the urine causes to catch fire, the more extensive water content would do the opposite.
  • So, whether you are urinating at the fire or not depends on what you want from the same.

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If I drink a lot of alcohol, will my urine be flammable?

No, drinking a lot of alcohol or combustible beverages cannot make your urine flammable. Alcohols are explosive, but drinking alcohol cannot make the urine volatile as 100% of the alcohol is not broken down into urine. The main reasons behind the urine not getting explosive for drinking alcohol are:

  • The liver breaks down more than 90% of the consumed alcohol. It leaves less than 10% of the drinks turning into urine which can’t make sense to ignite in front of the giant water volume.
  • The concentration of the alcohol in urine should be more than 50% to become flammable.
  • The composition of alcohol in the urine is too dilute to make it catch on fire.
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How Nigerian scientists developed a method for producing flammable gases from urine?

Nigerian scientists have planned fabricated equipment and technology to produce flammable gas from urine in renewable energy. A pre-planned execution and future planning made them conclude preparing renewable energy from wastes. The ways of producing combustible gases from urine by the Nigerian Scientists are:

  • Diverting toiles of urine are used to separate the urine from feces.
  • The other degradable bio-wastes are turned into bio-methane.
  • Then the separated urine is turned into a flammable gas, which is hydrogen-rich through fabricated equipment.


Certainly, urines are the waste products from our body that have nothing to do with the fire. The increased amount of chemical substances in urine can lead to a burning sensation but cannot create fire combustion. You shouldn’t be deprived of the fact that water is incombustible where the vast volume of urine comes from water!