Is Spray Paint Flammable? Which paints are not flammable?

Paints are useful tools for creating art and, in general, constructions. They are usually used and then left lying around in your garage, backyard, or office. But what most people don’t realize is these colorful liquids may cause a serious fire hazard!

If you do not know whether the paint you have lying around poses a risk of fire or not, then you should give this article a read.

Let’s jump into the core part!

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Is spray paint flammable?

Is spray paint flammable

Most paints can be highly flammable and combustible. A leak of such flammable substances may result in flash fires. Even while spraying paint, if flame catches it, fire can ignite proportionally.

Storing large amounts of it can pose a severe fire hazard. In addition, paints are very dense liquids; if it’s not stored properly, they may leak due to high internal pressures.

It is necessary to store paints in flammable cabinets to protect handlers and facilities that use a lot of paint.

Are water-based paints flammable?

Water-based paints are the most widely used paints today; it is commonly used in homes and offices. It is environment-friendly and dries up quickly, which makes it easy to use.

The majority of water-based spray paints are not flammable, but there are exceptions. Therefore, it is always wise to read the labels on the spray paint can determine if the paint is flammable. Remember, paints that release vapor with temperatures below 93 degrees Celsius will be marked as explosive.

Are oil-based paints flammable?

As the name suggests, oil paints are made up of flammable oil substances. This makes oil paints highly flammable when liquid. This is one of the main reasons for many painters to shying away from using oil-based paints.

Many cities and states worldwide have strict measures against oil-based paints for the sake of the safety of the people and the environment. Before water-based paints were introduced, oil-based paints were used everywhere.

Old buildings which were not repainted are most likely still coated with oil-based paint.

Are solvent based paints flammable?

Whether a paint is flammable or not depends on the solvents it used. There are commonly two solvent types

  • Water-based
  • Oil-based.

Water-based solvent paints are usually safe but except for a few. Water-based solvent paints are most commonly used since it is environment friendly and it dries up quick.

Oil-based solvent paints are usually flammable when liquid. Therefore, these paints are needed to be handled with caution. Oil-based paints were widely used before water-based paints were introduced. Right now, oil-based paints are slowly being phased out.

Which paints are not flammable?

Different types of paints are not flammable in different states. Here are the properties of paints that are not flammable at certain states:

1. Acrylic paint:

It is water-based paint and is non-flammable in its liquid form but can become combustible when it dries up.

2. Oil paint:

Oil paints are oil-based and flammable at the liquid state, but they are no longer flammable once the solvent dries up.

3. Latex paint:

It is also water-based paint and is non-flammable. In both liquid and solid states, it is not flammable

4. Spray paint:

Spray paints are oil-based and use gas propellants which makes them explosive.

Is Dried Acrylic Paint Flammable?

Yes. Acrylic paint is usually not flammable when it is in liquid form. Still, when it is dried, it turns into a polymer that is flammable at high temperatures. Direct contact with fires and flames may also cause it to catch fire.

Since this paint is unstable in high temperatures, it does not work well in hot places, causing uneven layers of paint.

Is Latex Paint Flammable?

Latex paint is not flammable; the substances that are used to make latex paint are usually not flammable. As such, it is not explosive when it’s liquid or solid.

This is because it is a water-based paint. It is also widely used due to its useful properties like fast drying and being environment friendly, and spillage can easily be cleaned with soap and water. It is also a lot cheaper than acrylic paint.

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Is Rust-oleum spray paint flammable?

Yes. It is extremely flammable and needs to be handled with care, this type of paint is usually used on metal surfaces like cars, ovens, grills, and firearms.

The paint is contained in a pressurized container which may burst if high heat is applied. Therefore, handlers need to make sure there are no high heat sources like lit fireplaces or heaters when painting.

Are Spray Paints Flammable?

Spray paints are flammable. Most propellants found in spray paints are flammable chemicals. This is because the paint and the propellant are highly pressurized in the spray can.

When the spray paint is being used, high-pressure propellant inside the can push the paint out; the paint being released contains a bit of fuel. This fuel that is released can hang around in the atmosphere for a while.

Why is spray paint explosive?

Spray paints can be viciously explosive if not handled properly. They are stored in metal cans under huge pressure with flammable gases. When it is stored near a heat source, the pressure inside the spray-can can increase a lot, causing it to explode. The combustible gas inside the can will also cause the explosion to be vicious.

Another reason for the explosion is spraying paint in places with poor ventilation. When spray paints are used, a little bit of flammable gas also comes out of it, suspended in the air.

Later when anything is ignited in the room, the suspended flammable gas in the air can cause an explosion to occur.

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What happens if you burn spray paint?

Other than catching a fire, nothing much happens. The paint quality is unaffected and the heat helps to dry the paint faster. Some spray paint artists do this so that their painting comes out like a texture making it crack, giving it an old contemporary look.

If the spray paint catches fire while being sprayed, then it could be a massive hazard. When sprayed in front of a fire source, it creates a fire trail; this flame can burn its way into the can causing it to explode, harming its user.

Can dried spray paint cause a fire?

Spray paints are oil-based. When in the form of liquid, it is flammable. But when it dries up, the flammable solvent evaporates, and the paint is no longer flammable. However, it is still combustible and can burn down in contact to fire or other flammable substances.


This knowledge of paints can be beneficial in determining which paint to use for different tasks! Proper use of these paint in appropriate places will give you desired results and no longer cause any frustration on fire hazards. If you find this article helpful, make sure to share it with your friends and family!