Is scotch tape flammable? What kind of tape is flammable?

When it comes to the tapes, isn’t it a scotch tape that comes first in the mind of all?

I am the type of guy who came to know about the term ‘tape’ from scotch tapes.

Scotch tapes are the most common and most required components which are kept in the house of all. They are required for both professional uses and everyday affairs.

Being a frequently used material, various preventive measures are discussed, like, is scotch tape flammable?

No, the Scotch tape doesn’t catch on fire and is perfectly safe for general use. But once they are used to exceeding their potential, they can be hazardous. Fire contact, higher voltage, and many more can make them explosive.

Let us know in more detail.

Is scotch tape flammable

What kind of tape is flammable?

There are different varieties of tape available that are used in various fields. The purpose of the recordings depends on the kind of field where they are used. As there are a good number of varieties, they also have a large section of different characteristics. Amongst which, some tapes also come out to be flammable.

One such kind of tape that quickly catches on fire is Duct tape. Duct tapes are used in various fields, including industrial usage, wrapping boxes, repairing, etc. But they turned out to be flammable due to some of these specific reasons:

  • The fabric used in the tape, which is the core of the tape, is reasonable with burning. That is to say, the core product of the tape is flammable, for which the video catches on fire.
  • The tape can last from 20°-200° Fahrenheit, which is comparatively the lower rate of resisting heat.
  • The flashpoint of the tape is lower, for which it catches on fire quickly.

Is Scotch tape flammable?

Scotch tapes are the most widely used tapes, and they secured their places in almost every house and for various terms of needs. They provide easy, quick, and temporary solutions to the problems needed to be taken care of. As they are available for a wide range of public usage, they maintain some special safety precautions that include the anti-flammable feature.

Yes, the scotch tape doesn’t catch on fire for several reasons that are mentioned below:

  • Scotch tape is prepared for home usage, which unique feature is to resist any fire hazards.
  • They relatively have higher flashpoints, which causes them not to catch fire easily.
  • They lose their adhesive while going through higher temperatures and heat without burning

Is Scotch Blue tape heat resistant?

Yes, like all other Scotch tapes, Scotch Blue tapes are also heat-resistant. Scotch Blue tapes fall under the section of Scotch tapes that are made to tackle small day-to-day tasks. So the importance of resisting heat becomes immense for the safest of use. The heat-resistance of the Blue Tapes are:

  • There are generally black, red, white, and blue Scotch tapes primarily available in the markets. Like all other Scotch tapes, blue videos also bear the same characteristics.
  • Blue Scotch tapes contain slightly less adhesive than that black and red Scotch tapes. But they include the same amount of resistance against heat.
  • Blue tapes can lose their adhesive at a faster rate when brought under contact with heat. This is because of a relatively less adhesive compared to the other Scotch tapes. So there is a misunderstanding about taking the Blue Scotch tapes as less heat-resistant.
  • But in actuality, they are not lesser in resisting heat than any other Scotch tape as they need equal effort to catch fire.

Can regular tape catch on fire?

Well, it depends on the way you use your tape. Generally, they won’t catch on fire on regular use. It doesn’t matter what kind of tape you use; there is no risk of catching fire on the tape unless you are forcing it. That is to say; regular videos won’t catch on fire under the following circumstances:

  • Tapes are made to use for temporary solutions, repairs, and so on. Therefore, they are not reasonable to catch on fire if used in the way they are made for.
  • They are not made to burn in fire or absorb heat. So they won’t ignite until kept away from these circumstances.
  • They are not flammable, which doesn’t mean that they are entirely fire-resistant. It means, that if tapes are directly thrown into the fire, they will indeed cause to burn.

At what temperature will duct tape catch fire?

sealing duct tape

200° Fahrenheit is the temperature at which Duct tapes start to burn and catch on fire. The temperature at which the tape becomes flammable is recognized by considering the flashpoint of the video. The relation between temperature and the duct tape catching fire is as follows:

  • Duct tape catches on fire once it reaches the flashpoint. The flashpoint of the video is considered 200° Fahrenheit.
  • Duct tape starts to lose its adhesive once it reaches 140° Fahrenheit. A clear negative impact on the adhesiveness of the video is seen when the temperature goes above 180° Fahrenheit.
  • Before the tape catches fire, the effect and adhesiveness of the video are entirely given up.
  • Then a further increase in the temperature causes the tape to ignite and become flammable.

Can Gorilla tape catch fire?

No, Gorilla tape is made to last every circumstance. Gorilla tapes are the modified version of the Duct tapes made to last in every weather condition. Previously made Duct tapes were reasonable with catching fire and intolerable to higher temperatures. But this newly created version of Duct tapes adds new dimensions to its characteristics.

The reasons why Gorilla tape doesn’t catch fire are as follows:

  • Gorilla tape contains a mesh type of fiber that has polyethylene. This polyethylene is not favorable with burning, a result of which Gorilla tapes are not flammable.
  • They have a double layering of adhesive thick enough to protect their effectiveness at higher temperatures.
  • They do not catch fire until they are brought under direct contact with fire.

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Is Scotch tape nonconductive?

  • Scotch tape insulates lower voltage which can cause various hazards.
  • The amount of voltage that scotch tape can resist is 69kv.
  • Excessive voltage can cause the tape to catch on fire. They cannot be used as alternatives to electrical videos.


Indeed, Scotch tapes serve us without the risk of any hazards when used accordingly. Your Scotch tapes are not made to deal with fire and heat. So they are not at all flammable when subjected to everyday use.

The article is a definitive guide for all the precautionary steps needed for the best use of scotch tape.

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