Is R22 flammable? What type of refrigerant is flammable?

Refrigerants are one of the essential things in our life. Most of the AC refrigerants are tough to catch on fire. But some are highly flammable. So I know, whatever we do or use, safety is always the main concern, and that’s why you are here today.

I’m a firefighter. So as a firefighter, I have to research the flammability and non-flammability of every commodity we use in our daily lives.

R22 is the most used refrigerant ever and highly demandable. So it is essential to know, is R22 flammable?

R-22 is a flammable refrigerant because it contains propane and propane-based refrigerants are highly flammable. But some people said it is non-flammable, but they also said it could become flammable by mixed with air pressure.

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Is R22 refrigerant flammable?

Is R22 refrigerant flammable

R22 is flammable because it has propane in it, which is highly flammable. But some sources said that R-22 is non-flammable at surrounding temperatures or atmospheric pressure. But, whatever, this material can become flammable by mixing with the air pressure and being exposed to powerful ignition sources.

So, I make sure that you will be careful every time you use R22.

The most important thing is, don’t refill your R22 with another gas. Because the R22 cylinder is made only for R22, which is not strong enough for any other powerful gas. So, it won’t handle the pressure and become combustible if you refill it with another gas.

Is air conditioner refrigerant flammable?

Typically, the refrigerants we use in our businesses and houses have been non-combustible and non-toxic. But, Unfortunately, refrigerants in recent times contain chemicals that include significantly global warming and cause a fire.

The name of the chemical is ‘propane.’ so if you buy a refrigerant that has propane in it, it will become flammable. Apart from this, everything is okay and non-flammable.  But many of today’s refrigerants are safe.

Sometimes it depends on your room; a small space doesn’t need propane to cool or anything. But if you have a big size room, be careful, because your AC refrigerant may carry propane in it.

[ Note: R22 has propane in it, so be aware ]

What type of refrigerant is flammable?

The R-22, R-22a, R-290, R-32, R-134a, R-454B are flammable refrigerants. Other than that, any refrigerants that contain propane in them are flammable.

So, don’t forget to check the gaseous elements in your chosen refrigerant to ensure the safety issue. And for the detailed information, you can research the features of each refrigerant but its name.

And your non-flammable refrigerant can also catch fire because of insecure electric connections, old cables, or anything insecure. So, keep that in your mind.

Can I replace R22 with R410A?

No, Don’t even dare to do that. Probably it will never work out without proper modification. In this case, let me show you some key differences first, then I will describe them clearly for you.


  • R22 is less powerful and needs to operate at a lower pressure than R410A.
  • The external structure of R22 is vulnerable when R410A has a strong external support.
  • The weight of the R22 cylinder without gas is nearly 2.5-3 kg when R410A has more than 4 kg.

Now come to the logic, if you replace a potent gas in a vulnerable position, isn’t it very typical to cause an accident?

I already told you that R22 is less powerful and can’t take high pressure, but the R410A needs to use at very high pressure. So if you put the R410A in R22, it can be explored due to the stress and cause fire hazards.

If you can’t help but replace the R22 with R410A, mind that you can’t just replace your R22 with R410A or any gas that has a different pressure level without necessary modifications. And the cost of the changes can be $2,000 – $4,500. Well, the costs can vary from place to place.

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Can I replace R22 with R22a?

Yes, obviously, you can replace R22 with R22a. R22a is the latest natural refrigerant developed by the company called ‘Ze China’.

It is mainly utilized for indoor air-conditioning, and it has almost zero greenhouse effect. It does not smash the ozone layer, and the pressure is not high also. So you can replace  R22 with R22a directly without any modification or changing the equipment.

But as gas is not the thing which you can take casually. So be careful every time you replace it.

Which AC gas is not flammable?

As a non-flammable gas (refrigerant), ‘Freon’ is the most famous, but it has a very high rating for increasing global warming. Not only that, it can increase the greenhouse effect and can destroy the ozone layer. And the newer units are made for using R410a called ‘Puron’ and are also not flammable.

Between both Freon and Puron, I experienced the puron as the safest one. I guess you will love it also.

Which AC gas is flammable?

I already made it clear in the above that propane is a highly flammable AC gas. So, any propane-based gas (refrigerant) can cause fire hazards or explode. For example,  R-22a and 22a are propane-based gas, so you should avoid them if necessary. And in case you use them, stay careful.

Which AC gas is flammable

Can AC gas catches fire?

AC gas rarely catches fire. But if there are any electrical problems or due to overheating, AC gas can catch on fire. Like some old cables, wiring damaged and insecure electrical connections can cause sparks, sparks can lead to fire, and that fire can cause an explosion.

And as I already told you, if your AC gas has propane in it, it can also cause a fire.

So it would be best if you stayed aware every time because your minor fault can cause a significant fire hazard.

Which refrigerant in AC is best?

According to my user experience and most of the sources, R410A is the best refrigerant to use. However, R22 is still the most common HFC and mostly used refrigerant. But R-410A is undoubtedly the best one.

This is because R410A has Puron in it, which is non-flammable. And  This refrigerant (gas) is best in terms of  “The potentiality of Ozone Depletion” and the energy-efficiency, but still, it increases global warming.

Refrigerant (gas) namePotentiality of Global WarmingPotentiality of  Ozone Depletion


Refrigerants are significantly regulated because of their level of toxicity, flammability. However, among all the refrigerants, R22 is budget-friendly and commonly used. And maybe that’s why people often asked me about, is r22 refrigerant flammable?

So now you know that it is flammable and can ruin the ozone layer. So from now on, ensure your safety every time you use it. And most importantly, set a fire alarm in your home for uncertain security.



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