Is Pecan Wood Good For Fireplace? is it good to burn?

To apply wood to your fireplace, you must choose one of the hardwoods available. Hence, pecan wood can be undoubtedly one.

The Pecan tree is in the folk of hickory tree families and produces a buttery and edible nut similar to walnut.

Now, is pecan wood good for fireplace? Well, pecan is widely used for plenty of purposes.

Pecan is as exquisite as oak, maple, beech, and black walnut. Moreover, the price is also reasonable, and you can find this wood anywhere in the US. Therefore, selecting this wood for your burning machine can be the best thing you can do for the upcoming winter.

Is Pecan Wood Good For Fireplace? is it good to burn?

Here Is The Short Answer To Why Is Pecan Wood Good For Fireplaces

Pecan can be a stunning and supreme choice of firewood, regardless of the variety. Some pecan wood varieties create more smoke than usual; other than that, it is an acceptable option to apply as firewood. Furthermore, the excellent quality of woods is recommendable for grilling purposes.

How Good Is Pecan Wood As Firewood?

Pecan wood reserves the quality to burn for a more extended period than the other firewood. It is also dense, Hence, it can produce massive heat by forming less smoke. Thus, pecan wood meets all the qualities that firewood should have.

Pecan wood also contains natural woody, earthy and aromatic notes. It can be used in barbecue and grilling with those essences while burning.

It is not shocking that there are more than 500 types of pecan, and all the woods are not the same. Some may cause smoke and a pungent smell. So, it requires determining the type of the pecan before applying the wood for the burning process.

Physical Characteristics Of  Pecan Wood

Firewood TypePecan Wood
Splitting DifficultyModerate
Seasoning Time11 to 18 months
BTUs Per Cord28 million
Moisture ContentLow, around 17 lbs per cubic feet, average 24%
SmokeLow to Moderate
SmellOdorless, mild nutty incense
Coal ProductivityHigh

What Is The BTU Rating Of Pecan Wood?

Pecan is ideal for a fireplace, and it belongs to the hickory tree family. Thus, it reserves the power to flame and creates heat similar to the hickory.

However, the average BTU or thermal unit of pecan is 28 million per cord, which is identical to hickory.

Whereas an average BTU of famous oak is 26 million per cord, the pecan serves 28 million per cord. Therefore, we can understand the caliber of pecan wood being used in the fireplace.

How Long To Dry & Season Pecan Wood?

Every firewood requires an extended time to be prepared for burning. Like other firewoods, pecan wood also requires an adequate period to dry and season itself.

To be dry and seasoned, you must allow the pecan wood for 11 to 17 months. It will help the pecan to influence the aroma to leave while burning. And you must be careful with the drying process.

In the first instance, you must cut the lumber precisely. After that, you must choose a dry place that can save the woods from snow or rain. Note that you must choose a dry place though it can slow the drying process and affect the aroma of pecan chips.

In addition, you have to provide carpeting equipment that will seal the connection between the wood chips and soil. Otherwise, there is a high possibility that your wood chips will gasp the moisture from the ground. 

Consequently, it will not dry properly. Moreover, the place must be well ventilated.

What About The Splitting Difficulty?

Like the other woods, splitting a pecan wood is a complex and toiling task if the lumber sits for an extended period. All the woods or lumber get old over time. As much the older wood gets, the more challenging it is to shape it. 

So, we highly recommend you split the limbers into chips before it becomes more problematic.

No, pecan is not that much about splitting the overall splitting difficulty. Though it belongs to the hickory family, it is more accessible to split than hickory or other hardwood. And precisely, the difficulty level of splitting a pecan wood is identical to an almond wood.

Does Wood From a Pecan Wood Tree Burn Clean?

If you season a pecan properly, it will not only induce the aroma, it will enhance the burning time and the power of creating a massive amount of heat. Simultaneously, the seasoning makes your shaped wood eligible to plummet the amount of smoke and ash.

So, you can expect an immaculate burning time from the pecan wood. But, if you find an exception or unusual smell and smoke, you must consider the lack of proper seasoning of the wood.

How Does Pecan Wood Smell When Burning?

What can be an ideal wood to burn at a fireplace? Certainly, pecan should be the first choice for those who are looking for an odorless burning sensation. Furthermore, a matured pecan lumber can spread a sweet, nutty smell like its fruit.

Using the pecan wood for barbecuing will add mild earthy and nutty notes or essences to your meat. Hence, if you are barbecuing pork or beef, the fragrance will definitely outclass you.

What About Coal Production?

Pecan wood can produce coal massively. Annually, above 200,000 pounds of coal are produced from pecan wood, which makes sense. If we consider four segments for classifying the amount of coal output, pecan will belong to the second row that refers to a reasonable amount. 

Advantages Of Pecan Wood

Besides holding firewood quality, pecan comes with some other eligibility. Some of the advantageous sides are,

  1. Pecan can add and enhance the aroma while burning. A matured and seasoned pecan wood chip works as a mild nutty incense-like fruit.
  2. Pecan works excellent as a flooring material. Since it is a hardwood, the depreciation rate of pecan is significantly low.
  3. Although pecan wood is difficult to gash and shape, it is an ideal alternative to teak, mahogany, and other woods for furniture-producing purposes.
  4. Pecan wood is also great for fencing and corralling purposes.
  5. Pecans are one of the most nutritious edible nuts.

Disadvantages Of Pecan Wood

Despite having plenty of benefits, pecan has some drawbacks.

  1. Pecan woods are hard to shape.
  2. Pecan woods require a long span to release all the moisture and fluids.
  3. Though it is hardwood, it can produce ash.

people also ask (FAQ)

What is the best wood to burn in a fireplace?

There are plenty of woods available that work effectively as firewood. However, pecan, walnut, beech, and hickory are great firewoods depending on availability and quality. Yet, oak should remain in your consideration as the best. And the second-best is pecan wood. 

Moreover, the best softwoods to burn for starting the fire at a fireplace are pine, cedar, Douglas, redwood, spruce, and others.

What wood should you avoid burning?

You can burn any wood to produce heat and grill meat. But, before you produce or purchase firewood, you must think about its usage. You ought to select one of those firewoods with high BTU or thermal units. 

For Example, pecan is ideal firewood which subsumes around 28 million BTU and creates less smoke. You must avoid burning teak, mahogany, African blackwood, and others from the horizon since these are not efficient.

Again you must avoid burning softwoods like pine, cedar, Douglas, redwood, spruce, etc. You can use these to flame the hardwoods only. Furthermore, softwoods create more smoke and ash than any hardwood.

Does pecan wood burn slow?

Pecan can be a blindfold choice as firewood. It belongs to the row of the massive heat-producing woods with a long burning period. The average longevity of pecan is similar to oak or any other good firewood. Moreover, it is pretty dense, which urges to create more heat than any other wood for an extended period.

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Hopefully, you found the answer to is pecan good firewood? Yes, Pecan is an ideal choice to turn your home warm and cozy. And, it would help if you chose pecan for the mentioned reason. That’s because it is more affordable than any other firewood in the market, even hickory. 

In addition, you can use the wood for both fireplace and barbecue purposes. Though pecan is one of the significant furniture raw materials, deploying pecan as firewood won’t be unwise.

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