Is Mulberry Wood Good To Burn? is it really good?

You may know the mulberry as a berry kind of fruit. Do you know about the tree where this fruit grows? The tree is called a mulberry tree or Morus plant. You can get wood from this plant quite quickly. 

Mulberry wood is a hardwood. It is a hot burning wood. It has many varieties available. Many people choose this wood as their preferred option. 

As we know, some woods are suitable for burning while others are not. What about the mulberry wood? Is mulberry wood good to burn? For most people, it is a good choice for their fireplace. Let’s dive in to know the detail about mulberry wood. 

Is Mulberry Wood Good To Burn

Here Is A Short Answer to Is Mulberry Wood Good To Burn? 

In a word, you can say mulberry wood is one of the best wood to burn. This wood is one kind of hardwood. According to British Thermal Units, it produces high heat per cord. Here, the cord indicates the unit for measuring any dry volume of wood. 

Besides, you will get a good amount of coal from the wood. Moreover, the smell of this wood is appealing. It would create a great environment. There are many better burning kinds of wood around, but you can pick mulberry as an excellent burning wood as well. 

Varieties Of Mulberry Wood You Can Get

You can get different types of mulberry woods. It usually has three different hybrids, namely:

  • Black Mulberry 
  • White Mulberry 
  • Red Mulberry. 

One exciting thing about these varieties is that their names didn’t come from the color of the fruits. Let’s discuss these varieties. 

Red Mulberry 

Red mulberry usually grows in moist, well-drained, and deep soil. It requires extra care to grow this plant till you get the wood. It can grow up to 80 feet tall. 

White Mulberry 

This type is most common for people. It doesn’t require too much care. It only needs sunlight for at least 4 hours a day. It has white fruit which turns pink or somewhere purple when ripped. It may grow around 70 feet. 

Black Mulberry 

Black mulberry is a fast-growing variety, but it is the most minor variant, with 30 feet in height. Still, it grows healthy and provides wood. 

8 Characteristics Of Mulberry Wood You Should Know 

Mulberry Wood has distinct features like all other woods. These features make this wood unique. Moreover, you can decide whether it is helpful for you by knowing these characteristics. 

The following table indicates the essential characteristics.

Commonly known asMulberry or scientifically Morus
British Thermal Units per cord25.8 million 
Tree size30 to 70 feet tall
Weight when green4712 lbs per cord
Weight when dry3712 lbs per cord
Moisture content after seasoning0.71 per weight unit
Seasoning time of the wood12 months
Smell while burningNice to most people

These are the characteristics of mulberry wood. It is a hot burning wood compared to other woods. So, you can burn it in your fireplace. 

5 Reasons Why Mulberry Wood Is Good To Burn 

Like some other hot-burning woods, mulberry wood is suitable for burning in the fireplace. But do you know why? There must be some reasons behind this. Go ahead to find out the reasons. 

Executes best heat output

While burning, the wood of mulberry produces heat which is quite a lot. According to the British Thermal Units, it delivers 25.8 million units of heat per cord. 

If you compare it with other woods, it would be within the top 4 or 5 kinds of wood as optimum burning wood. It is amazingly hot, and burning this wood is more accessible than most others. 

Seasoning time and aftereffects 

Seasoning is one of the most crucial steps for any wood. This process should be easy, quick, and effective for good wood. 

Likewise, in mulberry wood, the seasoning time is 12 months. During this time, the wood gets prepared adequately for burning, and the moisture rate lowers. So, it is good to go. 

Good coaling quality 

One good burning wood can produce good quality coal which is very useful. If the quality and the amount of coal are not good, it won’t be helpful in many cases. 

As mulberry has hardwood and burns hot, it can produce a good amount of coal. This coal is of excellent quality.

Good fragrance 

Some wood spreads an awful smell or uncomforting fragrance. In such cases, it is difficult to call these woods good burning wood. 

But the mulberry wood spreads a sweet smell which is preferable to people. However, the preference varies from person to person. Still, this fragrance is cherished. 

Clean burning quality and harm-free smoke

This wood burns so neatly and clean that you need not clean your fireplace all the time. It gives your fireplace a clean vibe. 

Moreover, the smoke it produces is harm-free. It doesn’t burn your eyes or irritate your skin. Instead, it has a pleasant smell to lift the environment.  

These are the qualities mulberry wood can give you. Thus you can say it is a good wood to burn.

5 Uses Of The Mulberry Wood 

One of the most potential woods is mulberry wood. It has so many advantages or uses. Let’s discuss those. 

Use the wood as firewood 

As you already know, mulberry wood is good to burn in your fireplace, and you can use it without hesitation. It’ll produce high heat without much maintenance. 

Cook and smoke stuff

You can burn the wood for cooking. Furthermore, you can use this for smoking meat in your home or maybe in your camp. 

So, for cooking and smoking meat, mulberry wood can play an excellent role. 

Use it for woodworking and interior designing 

As mulberry wood is one kind of hardwood with durability, you can use it in any woodwork. In addition, you can design your interior with this wood. It’ll make your place aesthetic enough. 

Make fence post with this wood

The most common use of mulberry wood is as a fence post. It is hardwood, but its’ weight is not too much. So it can be easily used as a fence post to support the fence effectively. 

Production of coal

As you know, this wood produces good quality coal; use it to your advantage. Production of coal is profitable and valuable. 

Thus, we can say, mulberry wood has numerous uses. 

Opposing Sides Of Using Mulberry Wood 

With all the positive uses, there are some opposing sides too. You must know these before using the wood. So that you can take the necessary steps while using. 


This wood creates a spark while burning. Sometimes the sparks are way too much. So keep yourself safe if you are burning it indoors. 


Smoke production is typical for most woods. Though the smoke from mulberry wood is not harmful, you still have to keep the situation under control. 

people also ask About The Mulberry Wood (FAQs)

Do you still have some queries about mulberry wood? Then let’s sort out these. Here are some commonly and frequently asked questions related to mulberry wood and brief answers to the questions. 

Does mulberry wood spark while burning? 

Yes, this wood sparks quite a lot. If you burn it indoors without safety, it can mess up having fire hazards. So, you must burn the wood with protection. 

Does mulberry wood produce coal? 

Mulberry wood produces coal as it has high heat quality. It burns hot and makes a good amount of coal. You can use the coal afterward. 

Is splitting difficult in the case of mulberry wood? 

In the case of mulberry wood, splitting is not difficult. Splitting is easier after seasoning compared to other woods. Property season your wood before splitting. 

Is it cost-effective to use mulberry wood? 

Generally, this wood can be said to be cost-effective. It has numerous benefits and easy-to-use qualities. You can choose to use it as your preference. 

Is mulberry wood eco-friendly? 

Mulberry wood is amazingly eco-friendly. It does not spread odor. Besides, it does not require extra cleanliness. Most importantly, it produces coal. So, there’s no excess waste of this wood. It is an eco-friendly wood. 

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Final words

It’s not like mulberry wood is the best wood of all. There are other top-rated woods. Still, mulberry wood is in good ranking. This wood is quite good to burn. 

You can make efficient use of this wood besides burning it in the fireplace. We can fulfill our many different needs by using this wood, for example, furniture, a post of fences, interior design, woodwork, etc. 

Having such uses can be considered as the qualities of good wood. Now there is no confusion about whether mulberry wood is good or not. But keep your attention to the sparks it creates and the safe and effective use of the mulberry wood.

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