Is Mesquite Wood Good For Fireplace? is it good to burn?

I guess you are looking for the best wood to burn at our fireplace. But you know accurate information is hard to find.

However, mesquite has become an enormous concern lately as firewood. Nonetheless, we must disclose, is Mesquite wood good for fireplace?

The well-famed mesquite wood is not an ideal option to burn at a fireplace. Of course, there are a plethora of reasons behind such claims. And, the most usual and primitive reason is the smoke.

Compared to the other woods for the fireplace, mesquite wood creates an exceptional amount of smoke, and it is darker and dense. 

There are some other vital reasons as well. However, today we are here to enlighten you with this answer along with all the information about Mesquite wood, the best uses of Mesquite wood, and the best wood that you can use to burn at your fireplace.

Is Mesquite Wood Good For Fireplace?

Is Mesquite Wood Good For Fireplace?

Mesquite is a variant of wood that we can use for burning efficiently. But unfortunately, when you burn this wood at your fireplace, it will create smoke massively and dense your house.

It is hilarious to say that your neighbor may call the emergency fire service because of the smoke!

Another situation may happen when you are burning this wood out of your home. It is entirely acceptable if you are doing that to give a signal someone like people used to do in ancient times.

Prime Facts About Mesquite: (Advantages and Disadvantages)

Here are some prime facts about the Mesquite wood that you must know before jumping into the deep, and indeed you will not choose mesquite as firewood after that. 

One of the hardwoods for furniture and other tools construction.Burning mesquite creates less flame and heat.
The quality has remained stable for several decades.The smoke causes eye irritation and difficulties in breathing.
Perfect for forestation and survival in warm weather.Hard to shape as firewood.
Reasonable floor carpeting option.The leaves can cause messiness.

Deploying Mesquite Wood In Best Manners

Mesquite wood is one of the alternatives to teak and mahogany wood. Due to reasonable prices and ease of cultivation, it is becoming trendy day by day. 

It stabilizes itself as a superior hardwood that can be used for furniture making and other purposes. Henceforth, using this wood as firewood is no less than a massive waste.

Some of the best uses of these woods are-

1. Forestation

You can find mesquite trees in warm and desert areas where water is rare. That’s because this tree can tolerate drought massively and can store nitrogen in the soil. Eventually, you can experience moisture in the desert area and an adequate level of oxygen in the air. 

Furthermore, this tree can help enormously in producing oxygen since it messes itself with many leaves.

2. Color And Structure Of Mesquite Wood

In the first instance, the structure of mesquite is not mediocre. Since this tree grows in a warm and sandy area, it goes through plenty of petrifying and hazardous circumstances. 

As a consequence, the tree needs to bend and twist both internally and externally. These processes form massive exceptions in the wood lumber and provide it with the natural beauty of cracks and green patterns.

In addition, the color of mesquite outclassed everyone. It can be tan or a light blonde color at the initial stage. Although, after finishing the wood processing and transition tasks, you will end up with a deep and signature color, which is sandstone with a luminous quality.

When you are going to utilize mesquite wood to enhance your decoration and production furniture, you do not need to put extra cost and toil to add color.

3. Carpeting Floor

According to the considerations of numerous people, mesquite wood is now one of the best flooring materials in the world. Regarding durability, this wood can sustain more than three decades. 

Moreover, it will furnish your home with a blazing color of mesquite wood. Hence, you can blindly trust and rely on this wood while considering or finding the best wood for flooring.

4. Producing Fence And Corrals

Mesquite wood is well-known for its stability and robustness. Therefore, for fencing your garden and creating portable corrals for your livestock, you can undoubtedly use mesquite wood.

5. Medicinal Purposes

Mesquite wood or tree has another forefront usage, a medicinal purpose. The mesquite contains a set of excellent eye-washing compounds. After boiling the wood chips, extracting the sap from the boiled chips goes to the factory to manufacture the liquids. 

After dilution of the fluid, there are several procedures that it goes through, and in conclusion, we find a stunning antiseptic curer and eye-washing solution.

Since mesquite has plenty of uses and beneficial sites like medicinal, will it be sagacious to burn the wood for producing heat? Undoubtedly, the answer is no. Additionally, there is a vast cluster of better firewoods.

Why Shouldn’t We Use Mesquite Wood as Firewood?

Mesquite wood is one of the alternatives to teak and mahogany wood. Due to reasonable prices and ease of cultivation, it is becoming trendy day after day.

It stabilizes itself as a superior hardwood that can be used for furniture making and other purposes. Henceforth, using this wood as firewood is no less than a massive waste.

Some of the reasons to avoid burning mesquite wood are-

1. Price

Mesquite is one of the most expensive firewoods available, and the price starts from $300. Though it has an important quality to keep the flame for a long time and serving heat, the total span is similar to oak, maple, and other hardwoods.

On the contrary, we can easily purchase the same amount of oak and maple wood by spending around $150. Hence considering the price, the mesquite is not as efficient as firewood.

2. Difficult To Split

Since mesquite is a hardwood and has the ability to be stable for several decades, it is a complex and cost-demanding process to shape mesquite lumber. Moreover, it generates more depreciation on our equipment than any other hardwood.

3. Same Seasoning Period Like Others

The average seasoning time for mesquite wood is similar to oak, maple, black walnut, and pecan. Since all of the mentioned woods lay on the horizon, we should choose the most effective and efficient one. Instead of mesquite, you can select any other wood to burn in your fireplace.

4. Smell

Mesquite wood preserves a sweet smell if the quality is supreme. And, we can have the aroma if we use it for grilling. But, the fact is, we have to use it in an open area where wind flows frequently. Otherwise, it can cause a massive and intolerable smoky fragrance to your barbecue. 

5. Smoke

As we discussed before, smoke is vital for keeping a distance from this wood. Mesquite generates more smoke than oak, maple, pecan, and other firewoods. So, you must maintain a good ventilation system if you are burning mesquite. 

Best Firewood For Your Fireplace

Till now, we have come to know that mesquite wood is not best suited for the fireplace, and we also understand why we should not burn mesquite. Nonetheless, to get ourselves warm and cozy in the winter, we can burn several kinds of wood.

We have classified the firewood into two categories according to their types. And these are:


The general woods that we use to fire up and produce heat are the hardwoods and several reasons behind using these. However, hardwood leaves coal after burning rather than ash, and about the burning span, we can burn it for a more extended period than softwood. Furthermore, since hardwoods are dense, they can produce heat enormously.

Some of the vastly used hardwoods are

  1. Oakwood.
  2. Maple.
  3. Hickory.
  4. Elm.
  5. Other fruit tree woods.


Softwoods are those which we use to catch the fire. These woods are less capable of producing heat and the burning time is relatively meager than the hardwood. Meanwhile, these woods leave too many ashes after burning. 

Despite having some disadvantageous sites, it is highly flammable, which can even flame the hardwood.

Some of the softwood that we use in our fireplace is,

  1. Pinewood
  2. Cedar
  3. Poplar
  4. Bass
  5. Tamarack and many more.

people also ask:

What is the best burning wood for a fireplace?

Well, plenty of woods is available that work great as firewoods. And, you must know the deviations between hard and softwoods. However, the immensely popular hardwoods are oak, maple, hickory, elm, and many more. You can use pine, cedar, poplar, bass, and others for the softwood for the fireplace.

Which firewood has the least smoke?

The quality of good firewood is to avoid producing smoke and produce heat adequately. Several kinds of wood produce less smoke and are environment-friendly. Some of them are oak, ash, hickory, walnut, maple, black walnut, apple, and many more.

How long does it take for mesquite wood to season?

The duration of the season of the mesquite wood depends on many factors like quality, density, size, etc. An average wood will take 7 to 10 months to accomplish the seasoning process. One more prime fact is that the denser the wood is, the higher time it will take to season. 

closing thoughts

Taking everything into account, we can use the mesquite as firewood merely when we are tolerant of mass smoke. Other than that, we should precisely use the rest of the woods, which are firewood.

And yes, don’t forget to make a good mix of hard and softwoods to burn properly.

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