Is hair flammable? Does human hair burn easily?

Have you ever wondered which organs in your body have more exposure to fire?

It is the hair that is most probably your favorite part and the most vulnerable one with accidents.

Most of the human organs are hard to catch on fire. This brings the exception for hair. Hairs are such organs on which we don’t have control. That’s why it can even continue burning in the flame without our perception.

So, is hair flammable?

Yes, hair is one of the most combustible parts of human beings. They start to burn at really lower temperatures like 451° Fahrenheit. The lower the flashpoint, the more the flammability which is applicable to human hairs.

Let’s get further!

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Why is human hair so flammable?

Is Hair Flammable

Human hair got the highest tendency to catch on fire after farts. This is because they are the only organs in humans that are exposed to the flame without any issues. As a result, they burn so quickly and end up turning into ashes in some minutes. Human hair is very much flammable for a couple of reasons:

  • Hairs are so thin, which causes them to catch on fire more quickly than hard and solid components.
  • They got a large surface area to cover whose area to volume ratio encourages the fire to catch on more quickly. Therefore, they become so much flammable and sensitive to ignition.
  • Their flashpoint is also very much friendly to catch on flame easily.

Does human hair burn quickly?

Very much yes, they are so much sensitive to flames and end up being burned off quickly. In addition, the intermolecular structure and bonding of the hair are favorable to catching fire, and the flashpoint also adds to it.

Human hair burns so soon in the following ways and for some number of conditions:

  • Human hair burns so quickly, just like the papers do when brought in contact with the fire.
  • They burn at the same temperature in which paper burns. The temperature of the burning of hairs is 451° Fahrenheit.
  • So, the flashpoint of the hairs is at 451° Fahrenheit, which is very much legitimate to address hairs as flammable substances.

Is wet hair flammable?

Wet hair slightly reduces the risk of inches burning, but it still can get burned and cause burning injuries. The presence of water in hair can create a temporary protective layer for the hair, which cannot last long when in continuous heat.

The reasons and scenarios for wet hair being still flammable are:

  • Wet hair is flammable as the water molecules on the hair surface don’t last long enough. Besides, some water little water cannot protect the hair from big fires and heat.
  • The scenario of hair getting burned can be seen while blow-drying the wet strands. When an excess of heat is applied from a close distance, the damp hair cannot help but burn off.

What happens if I burn my hair?

Nothing much, other than growing a new set of hair for the next time! Hairs do grow back until the roots are not damaged. So, if you accidentally burn your hair, you can regrow them for the next time.

But the things that occur to your old burned inches are mentioned in the below section:

  • With the burning of the hair, the first thing that occurs is the damage of the outer layer known as the cuticle.
  • After the cuticle gets burned off, further heat application can directly damage the hair’s cortex.
  • When the cortex gets damaged, the hairs become rough, weak, brittle, and frizzy. As a result, they break off and leave the route for the new hair to grow.

What to do if hair catches on fire?

There is nothing to do but accept the fact calmly. When your hair catches fire, it doesn’t get burned immediately but sings. Hair can often contact fire accidents as they are not even connected with involuntary muscles. As we don’t have control over them. Thus they end up involving in such circumstances.

The things that can be done if your hair catches fire are:

  • Tending to realize the reality and move on.
  • One cannot lose patience while moving with the burned segment of hair.
  • As the flames’ immediate result is singe, one should visit the stylist for hair treatment and remedies.
  • The fact should not be forgotten that new hair will appear in the old and the damaged follicles.

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Can pubic hair catch on fire?

Pubic hairs are even more favorable to catching flame in contact with the fire. Compared with head hairs, pubic hairs can be somewhat more explosive as they are thinner and contain a different structural format.

The things bringing the tendency of pubic hair to catch on fire more rapidly are:

  • A respectively lower flashpoint of the pubic hairs makes them reasonably more with burning.
  • Pubic hair can be burned very quickly within only 10 seconds and build a flame of higher than 10 cm.
  • They are built with different molecular formulas, which is more tended with catching fire.
Can pubic hair catch on fire

Can I burn my split ends?

No, don’t ever try burning the split ends at home by yourself. But you can have the work done by a professional to get rid of the split ends. However, doing this on your own can be very dangerous and can cause hair injuries along with burning.

It may also cause fire accidents. The reasons for which split ends burning is done are:

  • Split ends arise when the ends of the hair become frizzy, dried, and brittle. So it becomes essential to take steps against them.
  • One can get rid of them by using a fire technique and burning the split ends ultimately.
  • A professional barber does the procedure. First, a hair strand is twisted to run a flame over it smoothly. As a result, a fine and fresh haircut is achieved without losing hair length.


Hairs are the beauty of a person. But they have the most routes open for experiencing damages as we don’t control them. These damages include burning from the fire because they are very much flammable. The flammability of the hair can really be understood, seeing how fast and easily they are burned!