Is Cherry Wood Good To Burn in a fireplace? (Explained)

Winter is coming, and it surely makes us worried about the wood to burn. Here is a great implication that is cherry wood. And it is an immensely popular item since it is not an expensive option to utilizing. However, it has stepped severely with serenity in terms of making wooden furniture.

However, to answer ‘is cherry wood good to burn?’, we recommend this wood highly, and it will outclass the cherry lovers with an aromatic essence of cherry fruit while burning.

Cherry wood is a multipurpose wood and has a set of versatile uses. Undoubtedly it is a marvelous and wise choice both as firewood and furniture wood. However, it can serve you with massive heat with an outstanding aromatic and sweet fragrance during burning. 

Today we shall share all the necessary information so that you can actualize if your winter companion will be cherry wood or not. 

Is Cherry Wood Good To Burn In A Fireplace?

Here Is A short answer Why Is Cherry Wood Good To Burn?

Cherry wood is a great option, and the price of this wood is pretty reasonable. It can provide a suitable warmth for a long time during winter nights. 

Again, it is enormously available in all the states of the United States. The sap of this wood will spread a great cherry note in your home. 

However, look at the table and merit a summary of the cherry wood.

Firewood TypeCherry Wood
Splitting DifficultyLow to moderate and depends on the age of the tree
Seasoning TimeAverage; 7 to 11 months
BTUs Per CordAbove 20 to 20.5 million BTUs per cord
Moisture ContentLow and intense
SmellMild sweet cherry and woody aromatic
Coal ProductivityAverage
Ash ProductivityLow to moderate, depending on the age

How Good Is Cherry Wood As Your Winter Fireplace Supplement?

From the abovementioned table, we can understand that cherry wood is a fantastic choice. However, some other woods also work stunning; still, many people prefer to choose cherry wood because of some factors. 

Let’s have a close look.

Splitting Difficulty Of Cherry Wood

Cherry wood is a fine wood for creating and burning furniture at the fireplace. About the splitting difficulty, since cherry wood is a hardwood, it is supposed to be complex to split, whereas it is not. 

The splitting problem depends on the maturity or age of the tree. The more mature the cherry tree is, the more difficult it is to split. After all, the splitting difficulty of cherry wood is easy or low since we use various modern tools to accomplish it.

Seasoning Time

If you are cutting your cherry tree, it is essential information. The best woods, which we usually choose to burn in the winter, all take around 6 to 15 months to be seasoned. And, it can take as low as seven months, merely about cherry wood.

Because of the snow, rain, and humidity, the lumber or firewood takes time to be seasoned. The season can take up to 11 months, depending on the weather. If you are seasoning by stocking your cherry wood, the warehouse must have an effective ventilation system. 

BTUs Of Cherry Wood

The prevalent cherry wood can serve you with amazing BTUs while it is about heating capability. The ultimate ramification is above 20 million from one accord of the cherry wood. 

However, many other options can serve you with similar BTU, yet cherry wood is a great option to burn according to price and other difficulties. It also has the prowess to burn for an extended period. 

Moisture Content

The moisture or sap that cherry wood contains is relatively lower than any other firewood. After the seasoning, the liquid fades away and leaves the ultimate aroma. 

Since the sap is low, the difficulty level of seasoning and burning is also low. In terms of burning immature cherry wood, you won’t face difficulties.

Smoke Of Cherry Wood

While burning firewood, the smoke that comes from burning is another vital concern. However, cherry wood does not leave any black smoke or odor while burning. Instead, the smoke is relatively straightforward and has a mild aromatic fragrance of cherry.

If you want to use it as your barbecue firewood, the smoke will leave a mild cherry aroma on your meals and enhance the taste.

Coal And Ash Productivity

The cherry wood burns for an extended period and leaves the coal and ashes in an intermediate state. The ash production of this wood is significantly low. Perhaps, it is only the skin of the wood which creates the ash. 

About the coal of cherry wood, the output is high. You can expect 70% of the wood as coal. And the coal is also reusable for various purposes like barbecuing or reheating. 


The most striking fact about cherry wood is its mild sweet smell. The people who burn the cherry wood, as usual, actually love the aromatic fragrance of cherry wood. While burning the wood will expand the aroma of mild sweet cherries all over the house. And the scent generally stays for an extended period.

Moreover, if you are using cherry wood as your barbecue fuel, it will enhance the taste and aroma by enriching the sweetness of the meal.

people also ask (FAQs)

How long does cherry wood need to season?

Cherry wood is a pioneer as firewood. And, it generally takes around 7 to 11 months to mature. Moreover, it takes quite less time than any other woods like oak, teak, pecan, etc. When you are seasoning, make sure the place is well ventilated.

Is cherry wood toxic?

Toxicity is another prime concern when choosing firewood. Cherry wood is prevalent for its less smoke and mildly sweet aroma. There is no toxic element in these. But, if someone is allergic to cherry, the perfume may cause difficulty.

Is cherry wood valuable?

Cherry is a versatile wood, and we use it for various purposes. The value of this wood depends on its maturity and quality. Significant quality cherry timbers can be priced at more than $600, and the local quality wood’s price can be $200. The most precious cherry wood is the black variant.


In the eventual moment, cherry is a significant choice to burn in a fireplace, and now you know whether cherry wood is good to burn or not. And, if you are burning at your barbecue station, that is more effective than usual. 

However, about the price, it starts from $200 and goes further depending on the quality and maturity. Certainly, cherry is the wisest option from the list of teak, pine, walnut, and other woods.

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