Is Avocado Wood Good To Burn? is it good for a fireplace?

Are you familiar with avocados? Most of us have consumed the fruit once in a life or at least know about the fruit. If that is the case you must hear the name Avocado.

In simple words, avocado is a fruit that comes from the avocado tree. But do you know other uses of the avocado tree? There are many more ways to efficiently use it. 

Hence, you may wonder, is Avocado wood good to burn? Well, throughout this article, you will get the answer.

You can use the wood of the avocado tree. Usually, this tree grows up to 20 meters long and has a huge appearance like most other woody trees. You can collect the wood for various uses. 

Avocado wood is one kind of softer hardwood. It is not too much dense. You can use it in your fireplace or in other ways too.

Is Avocado Wood Good To Burn

Here Is The short Answer To Is Avocado Wood Good To Burn?

Avocado wood has a unique way of burning. It is a very soft kind of hardwood and easy to work with. However, this wood burns extremely fast. It even catches fire faster than other woods. 

So, we can say avocado wood is good for starting a fire. It may be good to burn but not the best as it burns very faster. You can make it efficient by pairing it up with another kind of wood in the fireplace that burns hot. This pair can come up with the best results. 

2 Factors For Better Burning Wood

While firing up or burning wood, you should take into account two simple factors. These factors can help you decide whether the wood is good to burn or not. The factors include:

Density or the type of the wood

The density of the wood should be higher to burn well. Mostly the hardwoods burn better than the softwoods as the density of hardwood is higher. So, if your wood has a high density, it is good to burn. 

Water content or moisture content 

The moisture content should be low to burn well. The hardwoods have low moisture content than the softwoods. That’s why most of the hardwoods burn well. If your wood has less moisture or water content, it is good to burn. 

Types Of Avocado Trees Producing Wood

There are so many variations in avocado trees. These varieties grow in different climates and different regions. Some of the varieties involve:

1. Bacon avocado tree

This variety can grow up to 3 feet and higher and has tasty fruits. It grows well in freezing temperatures too. It has glossy dark leaves. 

2. Gwen avocado tree

This tree can grow up to 15 feet and has larger fruits. It grows well in full sun temperatures. 

3. Hass avocado tree

Another type of avocado tree is Hass avocado. It grows more or less 3 feet long. When the temperature is above freezing, it grows well. 

There are some other types such as Stewart avocado tree, Reed avocado tree, Linda avocado tree and so on. But the most common type for collecting wood is the Hass avocado tree. It is widely recognised and used for wood. 

Characteristics Of The Avocado Wood 

The avocado wood has distinctive features like other woods. You can find some sort of similarities and even dissimilarities with other woods. 

The colour of the wood

The avocado wood is naturally brown coloured like most other trees. It can produce brown products as well. 

The density of the wood

This wood has a low to medium level of density. That’s why it is not best for burning. The higher the density, the better the wood burns. 

BTU of the wood

Avocado wood is not the hottest burning wood. It burns at 20.8 British Thermal Units. This measurement is above average but lower than other hot-burning woods. 

Speed of burning 

The burning speed of this wood is really fast. So you can use it as a fire starter. 

These are some core features of avocado wood. You can make better use of it if you keep these characteristics in mind. 

5 Facts About Burning Avocado Wood 

You should know some facts about avocado wood while burning it. These include:

Fact 1:

The avocado wood burns very quickly than most other woods. So you should use it as a fire starter. It starts burning easily and quickly. 

Fact 2:

You should not burn it right after chopping as it holds moisture. Wait for one year and then burn it. In this way, it’ll burn very well creating expected heat.

Fact 3:

This wood doesn’t have any unpleasant smell. So you can store it easily without having your storage area smelly. While burning, it doesn’t have a smell as well. Sometimes it creates a mild smoky aroma which is not unpleasant at all. 

Fact 4:

During burning, this wood creates soot. Here soot is some powdery substance in deep black colour. It is unpleasant for most of us. So you have to clean the soot from your fireplace afterwards. 

Fact 5:

If you want your avocado wood to burn longer, you can pair it up with any other long-burning wood. Thus you can burn it longer. 

Uses Of The Avocado Wood

There are some amazing ways to use avocado wood without any hassle. All these points can be helpful for you. Let’s discuss these uses. 

Fire starting and campfire

You already know that you can use avocado wood as a fire starter. It will work well for a campfire. You might know that camping has to meet with all kinds of natural conditions like cold, rain or wind. In this case, avocado wood can quickly start burning to sort out the problem. 

Cooking and drying 

In addition, you can use the heat to cook food and to dry your clothes. As the wood does not have any unpleasant smell, you can use it for these purposes comfortably. 

Interior applications 

Unfortunately, this wood is not for exterior applications, but rather for interior applications. You can use it for woodworking projects and general carpentry. 

Besides, for furniture, interior panelling, any indoor framework or making cabinets or closets, you can easily use this wood. 

So if you act with intelligence, you can get the best use of the avocado wood. 

Frequently Asked Questions About The Avocado Wood 

Let’s talk about some questions that you might have and the brief answers to these questions. 

Does avocado wood smell while burning? 

No, it doesn’t smell while burning. Normally it doesn’t have any smell. Often you can get a smoky vibe while burning it. 

Is avocado wood good for a campfire? 

Obviously, this wood is the best option for your campfire. That’s because it can start the fire quickly and help in other essential works. 

Is the avocado wood hardwood or softwood? 

Avocado wood is one kind of hardwood. But it is not that dense to work as a proper hardwood. 

Can you use avocado wood for smoking meat? 

Yes, it is the best idea to smoke any kind of meat with avocado wood. It gives a perfect smoky flavour with a sweetish taste. 

Can you make furniture with avocado wood? 

You can make furniture with avocado wood but only for interior applications. You can not use it externally. 

Does the burning of avocado wood produce soot? 

While burning this wood, you can get huge amounts of soot. You have to clean the soot from your fireplace. 

Final words

Like all other burning woods, avocado wood has its unique characteristics. You can choose it for different purposes.

Yet, is Avocado wood good to burn? Yes, it is good to burn but can’t be the best choice for burning. 

It burns really fast and doesn’t last long. On the other hand, it has varieties of advantages. So you can choose it for specific uses. 

Lastly, we can say that avocado wood is useful. If it’s cheap and available in your area, burning it will not be a bad decision for you.

But keep that in mind, it is not the perfect one to burn. Consider its positive uses of it and make it effective for yourself.

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