Is Fiberglass Flammable? (Flashpoint Of A Fiberglass)

Are you looking for fiberglass materials? Would you like to know if it is flammable? Don’t worry as we have found all the answers for you in this post. All you have to do is to read it until the end to get a hang of things.

Is fiberglass flammable? no, it is not flammable. Fiberglass has been designed to withstand up to 1000°F or 540°C. The fact is fiberglass is non-combustible as it will not burn. Even it reaches this temperature, it will at the maximum melt away.

In this fireproof depot guide, you’ll learn the following,

  • Fiberglass definition
  • Does Fiberglass Burn Easily?
  • Flashpoint and melting Of A Fiberglass
  • Is Fiberglass Insulation Considered Combustible?
  • Is Foil Insulation Flammable? and more..

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What Is Fiberglass?


Before we start discussing fiberglass, I would like to ask you an honest question. Doesn’t it sound like dragonglass from Game of Thrones? Seriously, it so reminds me of that and this is the sole reason, I am talking about it. All thanks to Samwell Tarly and now I feel like him talking about fiberglass!

Without digressing further, let us get back to business. So, yes fiberglass is a reinforced plastic component. It is embedded with glass sometimes woven into a glass cloth and at times flattened into a sheet.

In short, it is made out of superfine fibers or filaments of glass. These are then arranged by laying the insulating material over each other. This is a complex process and technology has made this possible. There is no need to be scared of fiberglass as it is a convenient substance.

No, it does not stop here, as I have to add that it is further blended with resin or epoxy for better binding. This makes it flexible, yet tougher than carbon fiber. This explains why it is exclusively used in bathtubs, boats, aircraft, automobiles, doors, and even orthopedic casts. Yes, this is a versatile composite that has varied uses.

In addition to all this, I must also talk about fiberglass getting confused with carbon fiber. I have to cite that the two are completely different. Even their chemical concoction differs and they are nothing alike.  

Is Fiberglass Flammable?

To put it simply, I must once again recite that fiberglass is non-flammable. It does not burn; but may melt down if it becomes hot enough. However, you must understand that it is fireproof, but fire-resistant.

This is something that you need to understand very clearly. It can endure to a certain extent and then it will start melting. I want you to get this sorted and this is why I am emphasizing this point.

Does Fiberglass Burn Easily?

As mentioned earlier, I have to remind you that fiberglass does not burn. It melts only if the temperature is that high. Nevertheless, you cannot write this off as a safety.

When you are disposing of fiberglass, you have to ensure that you do it the right way. Otherwise, it can pose danger to the environment and that is something you need to think about.

Again, melting plastic and glass is never a good sight. If anything it adds to the fumes, which is even more dangerous if inhaled. The burns will be way worse than you can imagine and it may require immediate medical assistance.

Flashpoint Of A Fiberglass

This is an unknown phenomenon. Yet, I can say one thing, since fiberglass does not burn, you may see some smoke emitting out when it starts melting. This happens when the binding agent starts to decompose. Usually, you will notice this 400°F to 500°F or 200°C to 260°C. Now that is quite a lot of heat!

During a fire, these binders start releasing carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and water. You can even watch a few videos to see how it starts to melt on heated to a great extent. Just be careful if you ever come across fiberglass melting.

The bottom line is, if you see fiberglass melting, leave that place immediately. You may also use a fire extinguisher or dial the fire department’s number right away. Be wise and take that call. Keep safe, as prevention is better than cure. Keep this in mind.

Why Fiberglass is Flammable?

One more time, fiberglass is not flammable. Much to the contrary, it was designed to resist fire and hence, it does not catch fire. Yes, it will melt once it is heated to a certain temperature. That is all, and you do not have to worry about it as it will not start a fire.

How Heat Resistant Is Fiberglass?

Fiberglass can retain its tensile strength (room temperature) at 675°F or 357°C. Studies reveal that it gets ignited at 1,112°F or 600°C. After that, it starts to soften at 1500°F or 815°C and ultimately melts at 2050°F or 1121°C.

By heat resistant, I don’t mean it is fireproof. It melts, if not burns, which may be even more harmful. Nonetheless, this doesn’t stop you from installing beautiful doors and windows made from fiberglass. Don’t worry, it is here to protect you, and that matters.

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What Temperature Will Fiberglass Burn?

Several studies have been conducted to test this property of fiberglass. Most have deduced the ignition point to be 1,112°F or 600°C. There is a catch and that is it depends on the condition and type of the fiberglass.

That is to say, there are various types of fiberglass. Now, this ignition will vary according to its quality and build. It is needless to say that fiberglass catching fire is a rare incident. This is why it is widely used in modern buildings.

What Temperature Can Fiberglass Insulation Withstand?

I will repeat that 1,112°F or 600°C is the ignition point of fiberglass. Period. There is nothing more to this. Although, if you want to know more, then I have to explain that fiberglass can never burn. It will only melt, which will occur at such a high temperature.

If truth be told, then I have to agree that it is rare to reach this high temperature at residential areas. This is why fiberglass has become so popular over the years. It is sturdy, low priced, and adaptable, and these qualities make it usable.

That is correct, you can use it in various places. There is no end to this discussion as fiberglass has multipurpose use. Be assured that it will protect you over harming. We are talking about flammability here in this post and that does not mean we want to take it down. It is beneficial material and that is how it will be even after this conversation.  

Is Fiberglass Insulation Considered Combustible?

Fiberglass is non-combustible, which means that it does not need to be treated with fire retardants. This is because it has inherent thermal resistance properties. It is less expensive, flexible, and versatile. These are a few of the reasons why it is used extensively in construction these days.

With that being said, I have to tell you that foil and kraft paper are some of the fiberglass facings that are combustible. The only solution to these is that they should never be left exposed. Simple!

Is Foil Insulation Flammable?

Yes, foil insulation is flammable, and as I have already mentioned that it should not be exposed. That has to be taken care of and you must take precautions while using these foils.

I hope that by now, you already know a lot about fiberglass. I would like to add here that fiberglass needs to be recycled. When it is crushed during recycling, it produces glass dust that is hazardous if inhaled.

Hence, you have to be extremely cautious when using fiberglass. You must be careful while you are working with it for safety. That is all, otherwise, it is a sustainable component that can help us preserve our environment.  

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