Is Easy Off Flammable? (Flashpoint, Melting Point Of Easy-Off)

You smelled something burning in your oven. You quickly rush to rescue your food as a gallant noble. Then you realize that your oven stinks of burnt food. What do you do? You get a bottle of Easy-Off and clean your oven. Now the question arises as to is easy off flammable?

Yes, Easy-Off is flammable. To be precise, it is a flammable aerosol, but there is more to this. This is one reason why it cannot be shipped by air.

In this fireproof depot guide, you will learn the following,

  • Easy off overview
  • Is Oven Cleaner Safe To Use?
  • Easy Off Flammable or not
  • Flashpoint, Melting Point Of Easy Off
  • And more guide

In case, this interests you, feel free to read the rest of this conversation. We request you to read this post till the end to get a fair idea of what it is.

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What Is Easy Off?

Easy-Off is a cleaning agent that can be for immediate spot cleaning. It can also be used for deep cleaning occasionally depending on your oven use. It can penetrate the toughest dirt and grease on application.

 Easy Off oven cleaner
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You can use it to clean stovetops, grills, cabinets, sink, and countertops along with the oven. This eliminates all kinds of greasy mess in your oven. It is a multipurpose cleaner that can be used to remove rust, stains, and hard water build-up too. Mention has to be made that it is NSF approved, which means you can it on any surface.

Is Oven Cleaner Safe To Use?

I understand cooking is an essential part of our everyday lives. In order to serve fresh and healthy food to your family, you need to keep your cooking mediums clean. Hence, the need for cleaning an oven becomes your priority. The next thing that you think is if the oven cleaner is safe to use.

Yes, oven cleaner is safe to use. These days there are sustainable products that you can invest in if you doubt any chemical-based product.

The choice is yours and you must make a wise decision. Of course, products like Easy-Off have been around for ages. You can find it easily in the market, be it offline or online. This is one reason why you will find huge patronage for this product.

Is Easy Off Flammable?

The fact that this cleaning agent contains petroleum, Paraffin waxes, petroleum Paraffin waxes, magnesium aluminum silicate, and water makes it clear. Yes, Easy-off is a flammable aerosol.

Yes, but you need to ensure that you read the label properly before using it. You should keep it out of reach of children. Do not use it when pets or if a person is hypersensitive around. Wear protective gear like gloves, and eyewear if probable while working with this solution.

You must seek medical assistance if you swallow it by any chance. You may also contact the Poison Control Center immediately. If it gets into your eyes, then wash off right away, and if possible contact a physician. Can Easy-Off Cause A Fire?

The truth is, Easy-Off is an aerosol that is better to be kept away while your oven is on. You will not have any problem when working on cold ovens. You know think of butane and propane. Will you keep them close to heat sources, like lit cigarettes, open flames, or other appliances? No right?

In the same way, you need to handle this degreaser to remain safe. Never work with it on a hot oven and keep it away from your cooking area. Take it out only when you have put out all the fire and opened a window. Remember prevention is better than cure.

Is Easy-Off Degreaser Flammable?

Easy-Off Degreaser is flammable as it is an aerosol. Additionally, can be corrosive to metals and cause severe eye and skin damage if it gets into direct contact. This is something you need to bear in mind because you must work cautiously with it.

I am sure when Reckitt Benckiser designed it, they must have wanted it to bring you value. In fact, it is a valued kitchen cleaner as of now. Almost every kitchen in this part of the world has one stored somewhere in the cupboard.

However, the flammable part is what you need to be careful of. Otherwise, it is a hardy cleaner that does not let dirt, grime, greasy mess, and other impurities lurk inside your oven.

Flashpoint, Melting Point Of Easy Off

I can tell you that the lemon-scented degreaser is more than 93.3°C or 200°F. Don’t worry it is very stable if stored the way the manufacturer has directed. Nonetheless, the company has not disclosed the melting point anywhere.

Just remember not to spray it on switchboards, electrical connections, thermostats, or metallic surfaces. Be safe and keep your family secured too.

What Is The Active Ingredient In Easy-Off Oven Cleaner?

As we have stated that petroleum, Paraffin waxes, Sodium hydroxide, clay-treated, Diethylene glycol mono butyl ether, and water are some of the components of Easy-Off. Their label mentions some of these names and more like ethanolamine monoethanolamine as well.

This is why I ask you to read the label before procuring any product. This habit will act as a basic guide for a satisfying shopping experience overall.

Does Easy Off Have Bleach In It?

The cleaner with bleach most certainly contains bleach. The vapor of this compound is pretty strong and that is why I ask you to use it with care. I also would like to request you not to combine such strong cleaning ingredients together.

These are a few safety rules that you need to bear in mind while working with chemicals. Otherwise, you are good to go.

Can You Use Easy-Off Oven Cleaner On Oven Racks?

The simple answer to this question is yes can use Easy-Off oven cleaner on oven racks. Nevertheless, you need to follow a procedure for this if using it at home. It is very easy, don’t worry.

Here is what you do –

  • Takea piece of cotton cloth or trash bag
  • Place the oven rack on this
  • Spray Easy-Off from a distance, like 9 to 12 inches away
  • Cover the rack with the cloth or place it inside the bag
  • Leave it for 45 minutes
  • Scrub with a scrub pad or towels to remove the gunk
  • Wash off with warm soapy water

Yes, it is that easy!

Here is a detailed video about What is the easiest way to clean oven racks, watch this:

Can Easy-Off Oven Cleaner Explode?

Easy-Off is a prudently engineered product. That does not take out the fact of exploding. Yes, it can explode only if you keep it in a high-pressure area or expose it to open flames, fire, and heat.

There is nothing to worry about because if you work with cleaners you know the drill. They are safe and are here to make our lives easy.

related question (FAQs)

1. Is Easy-Off oven cleaner safe?

that Easy-Off contains carcinogens and chemicals. They may pose health concerns. You are your best judge and I know you will choose carefully.

2. How long does it take for oven cleaner to burn off?

It usually takes 15 to 30 minutes for an oven cleaner to burn off. You must wipe it clean before using it once. You can also add a mixture of baking soda and vinegar in a bowl with some water. Run this component for 15 minutes at least to check everything is okay.


I hope I have solved this query – Is Easy-Off oven cleaner Flammable for once and all. Yes, but what you need to remember is to ventilate the kitchen whenever you clean the oven. Let the exhaust fans run and keep the windows open.

Please bear it in mind to switch off your HVAC system. This is to prevent all the other rooms get the smell through ducts. Just increase the ventilation and work on your oven with Easy-Off at your convenience.

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