Does drywall burn? it depends! Here’s why

The drywall is somewhat fireproof. It’s made out of gypsum flattened between two sheets of thick paper. Gypsum is a delicate mineral that, without anyone else, isn’t combustible. Also, water is fused into its construction.

Water adequately obstructs the exchange of hotness through the drywall. When the water disperses, the gypsum starts to warm past the edge of boiling over water and may begin to consume.

The imperviousness to fire of drywall is connected not specifically to how it is manufactured but also to how it is utilized in the development of dividers and roofs. Nearby drywall project workers will know neighborhood and state norms and fire codes concerning drywall application and wrapping up.

In this article, you will know if drywall burns or how fast it burns and a few interesting statistical insights about flammability and drywall burning.

In this fireproof depot guide you’ll learn:

  • At what temperature does a drywall burn?
  • What happens when drywall is burned?
  • Can you repair burnt drywall?
  • Which drywall spackle is fireproof?
  • Can you burn drywall in a fire pit?

What is drywall?

Drywall is a board made of gypsum and flattened between thick paper. It is utilized in the development of interior works.


Earlier, the work on the walls would always take time, and the finalized output was not satisfied all the time. But after this invention of drywall, wall works are now a lot easier than they used to be; moreover, it looks pretty elegant and modern.

Climate change and temperature always invisibly hit the walls of buildings, especially inside. The upper layer is permanently ruined when the temperature gets imbalanced. If the materials and chemicals inside the wall are damaged, then you’ll have to repair them.

In such cases, during initial construction, drywalls prevent damage more than any other materials.

Does drywall burn or flammable?

Drywall is an explicit material that is used as an alternative to plaster on walls. However, as it’s applied on the inside of a building, sometimes safety measures need to be checked. For example, does it burn, or is it flammable?

Depends on the temperature. All the materials are vulnerable at a specific stage. Everything has a tolerance level; durability. Materials will surely get damaged; everything has an end, but some materials are fragile, and some are durable enough.

To learn more about flammable materials you can read our article below:

At what temperature does a drywall burn?

Different temperatures have different consequences. The gypsum inside drywall; the main element will start to get damaged at a temperature of 170 ⁰F. Moreover, it has a high chance of catching fire when the temperature reaches 350 ⁰F!

What happens when drywall is burned?

Drywall is famous for covering dividers, building inside partitions, and giving firebreaks in present-day structures. It has a high fire opposition, safe for the paper covering on the singular drywall sheets, and is thusly hard to consume. The synthesis of drywall ignites it hard.

Drywall is a combination of gypsum and water squeezed between pieces of paper. While the actual paper is combustible and consuming will absorb the water, it takes an exceptionally high temperature to consume gypsum. Subsequently, it is beyond the realm of possibilities to completely consume drywall outside of modern heaters.

Drywall is exceptionally heatproof because of the presence of water in the gypsum, which dissipates and, in this manner, effectively brings down the temperature of the encompassing material. Thus, while the paper covering will consume promptly, the gypsum center of the drywall will remain generally unblemished.

Can you repair burnt drywall?

repair burnt drywall

Yes, why not? The entire drywall doesn’t get damaged by fire or heat. The top layer is thin, which gets damaged when in fire or high heat, but the inside, made of gypsum, is left untouched.

The main purpose of using drywalls on walls other than applying plaster is to make it damp-proof. Gypsum does most of the work here. The top layer can be repaired using sandpaper and other basic materials which are always available to us.

Which drywall spackle is fireproof?

Firecode Compound by Sheetrock. This material is very convenient to use and straightforward. You can do it yourself too! Just mix the putty with the appropriate amount of water and apply it to the walls, and it will dry out within 3 hours.

Then you can use sandpaper for smooth finishing and paint it. A spackle is not confirmed fireproof, but it goes through many durability tests and is then manufactured.

Can you burn drywall in a fire pit?

The components used to create drywall are highly fire-resistant, like gypsum. As a result, this single material does not catch fire so easily.

The top layer is thin, and it gets damaged quickly, and gypsum needs a very high temperature to catch fire. A fire pit cannot generate that much temperature. It’s only possible in industrial furnaces; still, it’s a 50/50 chance.


It feels good to witness innovation. For example, during our house renovation, we would always see the lengthy procedure of wall finishing, and we were used to it, and this is how it is supposed to be, but now things have changed. Everything’s moving forward at a fast pace; no one has time for a slow item.

So besides all these improvements in technology, this simple interior work has also improved. That old lengthy procedure has now become much faster and easier by drywalls.