Is Cinnamon Flammable? (Explained)

Cinnamon is one of the most used and common spices. Moreover, people use Cinnamon for using the flavor for different purposes. If you search for Cinnamon, you must find some in your pantry or kitchen. But when it comes to flammability, you might be confused about whether Cinnamon is flammable or not.

Is Cinnamon Flammable? Cinnamon is flammable. The ingredients of Cinnamon produce a pleasant smell. But the same elements can cause a massive fire. Moreover, the dust created by burnt Cinnamon can be toxic and harmful sometimes.

However, Cinnamon is available in different forms. You might not know which state is more flammable. When we use Cinnamon as a food ingredient, the Cinnamon might be close to the fire. So, knowing about Cinnamon’s flammability is essential. Let’s see details about Cinnamon, its types, and its properties.

Is Cinnamon Flammable

Is Cinnamon Flammable? Can Cinnamon Catch on Fire?

Yes, Cinnamon can catch on fire. Cinnamon can’t cause a fire on its own. But if fire comes closer to Cinnamon, it can spread the fire. Also, Cinnamon will be burnt.

Generally, Cinnamon has such compounds that are responsible for making Cinnamon flammable. For example, cinnamaldehyde and eugenol are two essential compounds of Cinnamon. These compounds make Cinnamon a flavorful spice.

But these compounds are also responsible for catching on fire. These compounds are highly flammable. Moreover, after burning, cinnamon dust will cause an explosion. This can happen when too much-burnt cinnamaldehyde and eugenol compounds get mixed with air.

How many forms of Cinnamon are there?

Cinnamon has two forms. They either come in the form of little sticks or powder. The cinnamon sticks are the outer layer of the cinnamon tree. These sticks are used in various dishes and aromatic purposes.

On the other hand, cinnamon powder is the powder that we use as a food ingredient. For example, we use cinnamon powder in baking and cooking. So, Cinnamon is available in two forms.

At What Temperature Does Cinnamon ignite?

Cinnamon can ignite when the temperature is more than 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Generally, Cinnamon will not cause a fire when the temperature is 200 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Because when you put Cinnamon in an oven, it will be okay up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

But when the temperature is too high, above 250 degrees Fahrenheit, the Cinnamon might burn.

Sometimes, we burn Cinnamon like candles for its excellent aroma. But this fire can cause a massive danger once the Cinnamon reaches its burning temperature.

Is Cinnamon a Fire Hazard?

Cinnamon is not always a fire hazard. Because Cinnamon is well-known as a scented material that people burn to get the scent. Commonly, people will burn Cinnamon to get the beautiful scent.

But sometimes, Cinnamon can be a fire hazard. If you burn Cinnamon in a closed area, it can cause danger. For example, burning Cinnamon in a small room or an oven will entrap the cloud and fume of Cinnamon.

This can lead to a dangerous explosion. Because the ingredients of Cinnamon can cause an explosion when too much of its compounds get mixed with air. That’s why you should always think wisely before burning Cinnamon.

What happens when you put Cinnamon on fire?

Cinnamon is a flammable material. But it can cause dangerous fire and dust explosions. Generally, when you put Cinnamon on fire, it will burn well.

Moreover, the ingredients of Cinnamon make fume and dust from the Cinnamon. So, the dust will cause an expanding ball of fire, and the dust will be gathered in a place. This dust will cause an explosion. So, it can be pretty dangerous when you put Cinnamon on fire.

How Do You Put Out a Cinnamon fire?

Now that you know Cinnamon can be flammable; you might want to see how you can put out a cinnamon fire.

Let’s see some tips about how you can put out a cinnamon fire.

Putting out the kitchen fire

If you see catching fire of cinnamon, you have to put out the kitchen fire first. It can be a burner or an oven. You need to turn off the main switch. You can cut off the oxygen of microwave or oven fires

Pouring water

You can use the most common method of putting out a fire. You can pour a lot of water on the fire. Water will put out the fire if the fire has not been spread through the whole area.

But if the fire has been spread through the area, you can use the fire extinguisher to put out the fire.

Emergency help

If the fire has been spread through a larger area, you should immediately call for local emergency help. Meanwhile, you can try to follow other ways to put out the fire.

Is it OK to Leave a Cinnamon Overnight?

Generally, cinnamon will not cause any problem if you put it anywhere overnight. Because Cinnamon is safe until it comes close to a fire.

But some people like to burn Cinnamon for its scent. It will be entirely unsafe to burn Cinnamon and keep it burning overnight. Cinnamon is highly flammable. So, once it catches fire, the fume and smoke can cause a massive explosion.

Whenever you use Cinnamon for its scent, you have to keep it in an open and large area. Don’t burn the Cinnamon in the oven or in a closed space. So, it will not be ok if you let the cinnamon burn overnight. But if the Cinnamon is not closer to the fire, it will be ok to leave it outside overnight.

Can a Cinnamon Explode on Fire?

Yes, Cinnamon can explode on fire. Though it is not always true, sometimes, Cinnamon can cause a big explosion.

Generally, Cinnamon has some compounds that create a scent. These compounds are also responsible for making Cinnamon flammable. When these compounds come close to air in a large amount, it can cause an explosion.

For example, the fume created by the cinnamon fire can cause an explosion.

Is Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) More Flammable Than Cinnamon?

When comparing diesel exhaust fluid and cinnamon for flammability, the answer is clear. Cinnamon is a highly flammable substance, while DEF is non-flammable. Although DEF is made with urea, which can be combustible, it is diluted with water and additives, making it safe to handle and store. So, if you’re looking for a combustible spice to season your food, cinnamon is the way to go. But when it comes to fuel additives, DEF is the clear winner in terms of safety.

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people also ask FAQs

Can you use cinnamon sticks as fire starters?

Yes, you can use cinnamon sticks as fire starters. Cinnamon is a piece of wood. So, it has most qualities of firewood. If the Cinnamon is dried well, it will burn well. But don’t burn too many cinnamon sticks at a time.

Why is Cinnamon so dangerous in candle-making?

Many people use Cinnamon in candle-making. But it can be hazardous. When you arrange Cinnamon in candle-making, it comes near to fire.

Also, Cinnamon can catch on fire anytime close to the fire. So, it can also explode.

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