Are Fairy Lights a Fire Hazard? (Answer Explained!)

Like everyone, I too love decorating my rooms with fairy lights, especially on They are bright, colorful, and versatile enough to enhance any ambiance. A safety question always remains as they run from an energy source like electricity or battery. Are fairy lights a fire hazard?

Usually, there is no chance of getting fire from the fairy lights. But sometimes, they can overload a socket and start burning soon. Also, if you place the lights near any flammable objects under an extreme temperature, they may begin to fire. I suggest you avoid fire from fairy lights by turning them off if you sleep or leave the house alone.

I know you are worrying about fairy lights and whether they will cause safety problems or not. So, I am sharing some ideas for when they catch fire and what you should maintain to avoid accidents. No more worry about Christmas lights creating hazards.

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What Are Fairy Lights?

Fairy lights are also known as LED strips, Christmas lights, string lights, twinkle lights, mini lights, etc. These are props to brightly organize the indoors and outdoors during Christmas and other public occasions. Many people love to enjoy the dance of blinking small lights in their bedrooms.

There was a custom of decorating the Christmas trees using big or small candles. It was a symbol of Christ as the light of the world.

However, the concept of this custom belonged to pagan yule rituals. They celebrated the sunlight returning when the days became longer after the solstice. Thus, the classic trees symbolized the consistent renewal of life in the dark ages.

In early modern Germany, Christians brought the holy Christmas trees. Later, this tradition gained popularity throughout the world, introduced by the Christians.

The eve of the 20th century had seen the Christmas trees illuminated with e-lights. During this century, it turned into a tradition to display electric light strings in the streets and buildings.

Then again, other nations (mostly Japan and Hong Kong) adopted the custom in the last part of the 20th century.

How do Fairy Lights Work?

I am surprised when I think of the technology used in the fairy lights. They are versatile, from simple light strands to bright, animated tableaux. The prior one is also known as Christmas lights, and the latter involves complex illuminations of animatronics and statues.

In easy words, the technology words lighten up like a simple light or a mimic of something with lights.

The fairy light strands come with vast configurations and color options. In the United States, people call the midget bulbs (also known as Italian lights) the fairy lights.

Hence, these fairy lights are the blessings of modern lighting technology. Earlier incandescent light bulbs were used in this tech.

But now, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are widely used as they are brighter and more energy-saving.

Do fairy lights get hot?

Fairy lights are incredible material for celebrating different festivals. Also, they are useful for making things attractive and soothing to the eyes. Many of us have doubts about fairy lights, like they may get hot.

If you use LEDs as fairy lights, you have nothing to worry about. They do not usually get hot as they use less energy. But if you use a traditional fairy lighting system, there may be a risk of getting hot. Again, these older 240v lights can be hazardous if they are damaged or blown.

A classic blown bulb can cause electrocution and make other bulbs very hot. Another risk is placing the lights near combustible materials like trees.

So, if you want to decorate dry trees, you should avoid these lights. In this case, LEDs are the best alternatives for their energy-saving and long lifespan qualities.

You may set up LED fairy lights near Christmas trees, fabrics, and little kids. These lights will not increase the temperature and cause no accidents.

Is it safe to leave LED fairy lights on?

I even thought I should keep the LED fairy lights on for a long time. But then I planned to test it if anything happened. So, I took a strip of LEDs and kept it on for more than 10 hours on my balcony. Surprisingly, there is no sign of heat or burn at that place.

What I am saying is that LEDs are super safe for use. Especially when these tiny bulbs run on batteries, there is no chance of getting hot or bringing casualties.

They consume less energy but spread lots of light without harming others. If you have kids at home, you too can use these twinkle lights without any tension.

Is it safe to leave string lights on all night?

Can LED light strips cause hazards? This question is very typical when we are on the eve of Christmas. During these times, we often think of using string lights for adorning the surroundings. They complete our festive decorations with their bright lights.

But when we want to use them, we think about the possible risk of electronic lights as they run with electricity.

In a word, No! You should not leave string lights on all night.

String lights are a series of many tiny bulbs. They work similarly to standalone bulbs works. But these strings can generate excessive heat as we connect them to the same circuit.

Again, the heat sinks of the bulbs can absorb the heat to prevent any contact fires. Still, there is an increased chance of getting heat more than with individual bulbs.

To avoid string lights getting hot after turning on all night, you should install the circuit properly. Also, avoid lighting them if there is no need after a certain runtime. I suggest you maintain them regularly.

Are Fairy Lights a Safety Hazard?

Or, are hanging lights a fire hazard? Generally, I don’t consider them as any dangerous stuff. But they can sometimes be a major reason for extreme heat, fire, and other potential risks.

In this sense, they are indeed a safety hazard.

Why are fairy lights a fire hazard?

If you pick energy-saving LEDs as fairy lights, there is less risk of safety concerns. Again, choosing the light strings can be a bit risky as they are a series of tiny incandescent bulbs run with more electricity.

Fairy lights remain totally safe if you connect them to a single circuit where they are the only connected devices. It will reduce the overload on the socket. Moreover, these lights can give you a mini shock when they cause a short circuit. But it depends on how you set them up.

You should also be careful to avoid any faulty installations and wire connections. They can be the culprit in making fairy lights dangerous. Again, leaving the lights in certain conditions like inappropriate places, close to extreme heat, and closed rooms can cause a fire.

Lastly, I don’t recommend anyone to turn them on the whole day. It will decrease their lifespan and vividness while making them prone to electrical hazards. So, turn them on and leave them for the time only when you need them.

people also ask

Can LED lights catch on fire with cotton?  

LEDs use very minimum voltage and do not get hot after turning them on for a long time. So, you can set them beside any cotton object. But you should be careful the place remains cool.

Is it safe to put fairy lights on curtains?

If you use LEDs as fairy lights, there is no problem of fire risks when you hang them near the curtains. Other lights may get hot soon and cause fires.

Can You Put Fairy Lights on Fabrics and Other Similar Material?

You can put them on fabrics and other similar materials. But you should maintain the safety issues like not putting them near flammable objects under extreme heat.

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So, what do you think: are fairy lights a fire hazard? Fairly lights are safe till you break the other facts that may cause hazards.

You should keep light strings on only when you need them. Also, avoid placing them near flammable things.

Enjoy the moment!